Spiritual Life Coaching Article

A Life Altering New Discovery

By Master Coach Hu

May 9, 2021

My journey home to my Inner Self began in 1977 when I read Venice Bloodworth’s book The Key To Yourself. Back then I thought I was the voice inside my head. It was many decades before I understood that transcending thought does not mean- not to think. It means not to be completely identified with the ego’s 24/7 thoughts. This simple well-written little book helped me grok how my conscious, subconscious, and Universal minds work, which started me down the long and winding road of transformational awakening.

Over the decades of teaching what I most needed to learn and heal I began to understand how the Universal Laws of Life work, how to absorb all I can from my dharmic curriculum, and more importantly who ‘I Am’.

One of my spiritual mentors Swami Muktananda taught me that, “It is easy for a soul of knowledge to obtain god, but difficult for a person who is ignorant about how the Laws of Life work.” Knowing this, I slowly evolved from being a high school special ed teacher and coach- to Be-ing a Spiritual Coach and Teacher.

As I progressed down the road of life I unconsciously took “the road less traveled by” and that made all the difference. I didn’t know it back then, but I was subconsciously playing in the world outside the loop of the status quo paradigm box. If you are reading this, then I’m sure because of the Law of Attraction that you already know you are a soul having many different kinds of human experiences. But even now in 2021 what percentage of the of 7.7 billion humans knows this to be true? Not too many!

One of the most incredible life lessons I learned on my journey home to my Inner Self was that physical life is paradoxical, and the biggest paradox of all is that ‘I Am’ Consciousness having many different kinds of human experiences.

Paradox is a phenomenon that happens when two concepts appear to be Self-contradicting, but aren’t. You’ll run into many kinds of paradoxes, such as the paradox that you are both a physical and non-physical entity simultaneously. To be a spirit who is having a human experience seems contradictory for one who hasn’t spiritually awakened. But what you’ll come to realize is that life consists of numerous paradoxes.

This meta-deep understanding began to surface when I grokked the distinction between human identities and beliefs. Back in 1977 I believed that my beliefs created my realty, and I even wrote a book about it several years later. But as I dove deeper and deeper into what actually creates reality, I realized that human identities are the most influential elements, and here is why. When I think about one subject long enough, my mind creates a belief about that subject. Beliefs, through the Law of Attraction, attract near similar beliefs. Near similar beliefs attract and combine to form Human Identities. And it is your human identities that create the reality that you are experiencing.

I prefer the term identity, as opposed to labels or roles, because humans identify themselves as the roles that they play. They think that they are sick, broke, fat, sad, funny, smart, a body, a mother, a doctor, a teacher, or a drunk.

You are not your human identities; any more than an actor is the character that she plays on a TV sitcom.  You are a spiritual Be-ing having a human experience. When your human identities seduce you into believing that you are the role that you are playing, you give up your power to consciously create, because you are identifying your Self as merely the “actor,” when actually you are the divine “producer” of your life.

Thoughts Create Beliefs

Beliefs Create Belief Systems

Belief Systems Create…Human Identities

And It’s Your Human Identities That Create Your Reality

(A) THOUGHT – “I’m a mother.”    (B) BELIEF – “I’m a good mother.”

(C) BELIEF SYSTEM – “I’m a nurturing, strict, bad, weak, poor, fair etc. mother.”

(D) HUMAN IDENTITY – Numerous belief systems about motherhood.

An easy-to-understand human identity metaphor is think back to a time when you were driving a car, and you and your passenger started to have a heated argument. You’re driving the car at sixty-five miles per hour, changing lanes, accelerating, and braking, while your full conscious attention was on the argument. My question to you is:  who was driving the car while all of your attention was focused on the argument? Who was making the aerodynamic, split-second decisions while your feelings, thoughts, and attention were on the argument? It was your Car Driver Identity.

When you first learned to drive you unconsciously created your Car Driver Identity by putting your attention on mastering the skills involved in driving until they became an unconscious habit. Your Car Driver Identity has all your composite elements of your BE-ingness: body, mind, vision, feelings, and spiritual life force energy, same as all your other human identities.

There are two categories of human identities, LOVE and FEAR. Your love identities are the identities that are functional, nurturing, and constructive. Your fear identities are immature, dysfunctional, protective, and destructive.

What is important to grok is that based on your unique life experiences, you have a primary CORE Fear Identity and a primary CORE Love Identity, and they have the greatest influence on how you live your life. Whichever of these two identities do you most often classify yourself as will determine if you play in the world more as a victim or an empowered soul.

Usually, your Core Fear identity is anchored to a fear-based trauma such as being raped, abandoned, death of a loved one, physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, etc.

Your Core Love Identity is anchored to your most authentic and empowered life experiences, such as being a mother/father, friend, nurse, teacher, artist, author, or healer.

This Self-realization surfaced a Life-Altering Discovery for me. But before I share what I discovered I’d like to know if you have ever read this famous Native American parable?

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

 He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

And it works the same way with your Love and Fear Identifies--- which one will you feed? Remember you HAVE human identities, but you ARE Consciousness, so you need to train your mind to play in the world as your Self-empowered love identity.

I labeled my core fear identity as W.I.C. [Wounded Inner Child] and my core love identity as M.C.H. [Master Coach Hu].

  • My WIC identity plays in the world as small, weak, neurotic, wounded, afraid, paranoid, self-conscious, dysfunctional, lazy, a victim, etc.
  • My MCH identity plays in the world as light, peaceful, loving, wise, abundant, brave, kind, healthy, emotionally honest, forgiving, and it is supportive, and well respected by my family, friends, clients, students, and colleagues.

Ask yourself, “What is my most dysfunctional fear identity?” And “What is my most empowering love identity? Lastly, ask yourself. “Which one do I unconsciously feed the most?

Then intentionally decide to use your divine powers of Deliberate Conscious Creation, to put on your most empowering love identity every morning in the same way you look into your closet and intentionally decide what outfit to wear.

Next, make your Core Love Identity into a Self-programming affirmation, and you will also need a sub-modifier [a mini affirmation] for when you unconsciously slip into your old, well-conditioned fear-based, wounded identity.

Below is the Self-programming Affirmation that I read every morning. You can use it as a template to customize your own. I say it out loud with as much life force energy as I can muster to project my Intentions into the Universe like a powerful radio signal about what I want to experience.

MCH Love Identity Self-programming Affirmation

I AM- a Deliberate Conscious Creator, so I used my Divine Synergistic Powers,
and my Master Coach Hu Love identity, which I intentionally “put on” every morning,
to co-create the Universe that I wanted to experience, via the Law of Attraction.

My Master Coach Hu love identity -UNIVERSE- is light, peaceful, loving, wise, abundant,
brave, kind, healthy, emotionally honest, forgiving, and it created a safe Universe to
Live within for my incarnate, and everyone I come in contact with.

This empowering love identity  plays in the world as someone who is loved, supported,
and well respected by my family, friends, clients, students, and colleagues.

Most souls do not know that there are two things that can happen when you say affirmations. You will manifest what you want. OR you will manifest what you need to dis-create that is blocking you from manifesting what you want. This is why Dis-Creation Coaching Exercises are an important element of the conscious creation process. After decades of doing psycho-spiritual coaching, I learned that affirmations alone do not work. Affirmations alone aren’t very effective because all too often you are piling on good affirmations over tens of 1,000s of negatively digested thoughts to make them work. You first need to clean the slate of your mind using clinically proven dis-creation exercises.

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HLC modeled our Interactive ‘tele-classroom’ certification course on an ancient Zen teaching parable which states, “What I hear I forget. What I See I Remember. But it’s only what I DO, and Experience, that I understand and master.” Educators have conducted professional research which supports this Zen parable, and found that students learn the most by DOING.

Meaning, you will learn faster by “playing tennis”, than by merely watching a video, or reading about how to play tennis. The same holds true for learning how to facilitate the HuMethod™ Coaching exercises. A large part of the Interactive curriculum is dedicated to having students practice facilitating the HuMethod™ Coaching exercises with their classmates and practice clients. The HuMethod™ Interactive Certification course is taught the same way as a college-level “Teacher’s Education Class,” in order to professionally prepare you to help your clients transform their lives.

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HLC’s HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaching Certification courses, are the only curriculum in the Life Coaching industry that includes Proprietary- Subjective Diagnostic Exercises.

You will use these Diagnostic Exercises to help your clients measure how fast they are improving; help your clients clearly define what they want to dis-create and manifest; help you to determine what is the best Self-mastery coursework, using a library of proven HuMethod™ assignments. All these factors will help you professionally determine what your client’s specific needs are, so they can accomplish their self-help goals as quickly as possible. 

Lastly, the HuMethod™ Proprietary Diagnostic Exercises will help you build a- strong referral-based Coaching practice. That’s because your Coaching clients will be given the  CLINICAL PROOF, that they are making the empowering changes they paid you to help them create, using your HuMethod™ spiritually transformative coaching exercises.

DIS-CREATION is a compound word that means to “stop creating”. The HuMethod™ Dis-creation Coaching Exercises are themissing link,” in the Conscious Creation Process.

Psychologists have proven that people think between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts a day, and that by age thirty ninety-eight percent of those are the same fundamental thoughts repeated again and again. This means that by age forty you will have created 730 million thoughts, and according to psychologists, approximately eighty percent of these will be negative. Therefore, by age forty you will have reinforced 584 million negative thoughts deep into your subconscious mind.

This means if you believe in the power of positive affirmations, and you recite 100 affirmations a day [Vs. 50-75,000 negative thoughts per day], that would be like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a thimble. This Proves Why Affirmations “ALONE” Don’t Work.

That is why as a HuMethod™ Interactive certification student, you will be taught how to facilitate Dis-creation Exercises, to help your clients clean the slate of their minds from negatively programmed beliefs, and help them build the life they hired you to help them create.

Dis-Creation Exercises are essential because, the affirmation concept assumes that your coaching clients had a life filled with nothing but functional role models. And their past was devoid of pain, loss, suffering and abuse.

According to this incorrect theory, your client can “PILE ON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past, and still create the reality they want. But the “PILE IT ON” Theory ALONE, doesn’t work.

Dis-Creation Exercises are a vital facet of the HuMethod™ because they teach you and your clients to STOP recreating your old negative beliefs, which you need to do BEFORE you both can achieve your goals.

In HLC's virtual classroom setting, we know it's all the more important to really engross our students in their education. HLC’s “See One, Do One, Teach One” instructional training method, was modeled after Cornell University’s Medical School Training Method. Cornell’s medical instructors realized this 3-step method of having their students “See one” (Watch a skilled practitioner facilitate a technique), and then “Do One” (Experience it on themselves), and then “Teach one” (Teach it to someone else), was the most effective and efficient way to train their future medical doctors.

The HuMethod™ See One, Do One, Teach One training technique, is the most effective and efficient way to professionally prepare Spiritual Life Coaching students like you, to be the best transformative Coach you can be.

As an Interactive HuMethod™  Certification Student, Within a Week’s Period of Time, You Will…

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HLC’s HuMethod™ courses come with an EMPOWERING SELF-HELP BONUS, because they will help you to spiritually  transcend your own issues. HuMethod™ instructors motto is, “To teach and heal one soul at a time starting with mine,” knowing that as a CSLC coach you can’t give away what isn’t inside of you. The Inner Work aspect of the curriculum is why many graduates tell us they feel more self-assured about building a successful coaching practice.

HuMethod™ Coaches Training Mantra Is…Commit, Study, Practice, internalize, Emotionalize


Commit… because you need to wholeheartedly commit, to undertake your own psycho-spiritual deep diving work on a course called… You-ology [The study of the Inner you].

Studybecause it’s easy for a person of knowledge to obtain Self-mastery, but it’s exceedingly difficult for a person who is ignorant of how the Laws of Life work.

Practice because humans learn by action. Studying alone, only creates intellectual faith. But faith without action usually manifests as self-delusion, and there is little worse than self-delusion for a HuMethod™ Coach on his/her… Journey Home To Her Inner Self.

INTERNALIZE and Emotionalize… to internalize wisdom you must speak, write, feel, and think in first person, because it will force you to internalize all of the meta-knowledge that you have collected over the years. Conceptual thought does not require you to change your behavior. But when you emotionalize the knowledge contained within your HuMethod™ Certification Course and textbooks, your behavior will change, and the imprint will be permanent.

It is easy to read about Spiritual Transformation exercises, but to master them so your actions create permanent behavioral change, requires that you commit, study, practice, internalize and emotionalize. This is why Coaching can be an endlessly rewarding career; because it will support you to do the work you love, while simultaneously working on your own self-growth, knowing that… you are your own first client.

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  • The Human Handbook audiobook
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