A Conscious Relationship Is A Treasure Beyond Value

What is a conscious relationship? My eighteen years of life coaching experience has taught me that a conscious relationship is a relationship that creates an environment that supports and encourages holistic growth.

A conscious relationship is a covenant based on the highest degree of truth and integrity. You recognize your equality by acknowledging that you are both unique manifestations of the same Spirit. You bond with the understanding that you are together because it is appropriate for your souls to grow together.

HLC’s life coaching certification students are taught to recognize that within a conscious relationship both of you are in the process of holistic growth, therefore flexibility and commitment to being emotionally honest is essential. Emotional honesty takes courage and this courage is built upon trust and emotional safety. It is this trust and emotional safety that fosters the growth of emotional intimacy.

A Conscious Relationship creates intimacy, which in turn provides a safe space where you can willingly surrender your ego defenses. Here, you are free to share your inner most secrets, repressed feelings, and emotions. It creates a sacred space where you feel safe enough to be emotionally vulnerable. In this divine space, you stand emotionally naked, with no games and no calculated premeditated thoughts; just a safe loving space to communicate the truth of your being.

As a life coach I’ve learned that practicing meditation is a vital ingredient of conscious relationships. I teach my life coaching clients that meditation allows them to detach from the “drama” that loving relationships can sometimes create.

Meditation allows you to quiet your intellectual mind so that you can hear your intuitive heart. Your intellectual mind is the instrument of your separateness. Your heart is the vehicle of your unity.

The transformational process created when two souls are in a consciously awakened, loving relationship creates a very profound polarity. What you end up with is a creative tension, where you are trying to merge into the bliss of spiritual relationships, while also trying to keep your divine uniqueness.

Namaste, my life coaches and anam caras!

(We are all one, my soul friends)