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  • Why Affirmations Alone Don’t Work.
  • How to Use the Laws of Manifestation to Create the Life that You Deeply Desire.
  • How to “Un-Learn” unwanted behavior, even if it stems from things you negatively experienced decades ago. The “Un-Learning” techniques are especially important if Traditional or New Age modalities may have failed you.
  • How to create the permanent changes you deeply desire using the same trademarked mastery lessons that Coach Hu uses with his clients and students to help them achieve their self-growth goals.

Learn From a- Master Coach [BIO]:

Hu earned his “Master Coach” recognition after three decades of field experience facilitating his trademarked self-growth exercises with hundreds of his coaching clients and certification students [people just like you], and he documented his healing discoveries in 14 professional life coach’s textbooks.

Since 1993, he has delivered over 10,000 one-on-one coaching sessions, and he used his field experience to develop his HuMethod™ Healing Modality. Master Coach Hu’s college-level certification course teaches students to become professional Spiritual Life Coaches, and/or blend his clinically proven techniques into his students’ own healing modalities.

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