Community of Graduates

You came to HLC as a certified counselor and with an established clinical practice. How has HLC's certification program enhanced your private Coaching practice?

HLC has not only changed my clinical practice professionally, but it has changed me and my entire life.  Having worked as a Canadian Certified Counsellor for 20 years, HLC has brought my clinical practice to a whole new level. Master Coach Hu and his highly trained intuitive staff supported me through a lay-off from a 15-year career as a post-secondary instructor and clinical counselor.  They guided and educated me personally and professionally to bounce back and flourish, to develop my own lucrative private practice, living my passion.

The holistic Spiritual Life Coach training is an intensive, robust, experiential program that includes, theory, practice, and clinical supervision. During the experiential training, I received support that helped me to go deep into my negative, limiting core beliefs that were keeping me stuck, so I could truly work with my feelings, build healthier boundaries and create deeper intimacy in all of my relationships; to make Permanent Behavioural Changes.  Yup, just as promised.

I am now able to go deeper with clients to support them in the same way, to go beyond mere knowledge and skills, to make deeper lasting core belief changes.  If you want to take your clinical practice to the next level, and support your clients in a lasting, meaningful way, this program is a beautiful compliment for anyone with training in CBT, DBT, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), ACT, Buddhist Psychology, Trauma-Informed counseling, Strengths-Based approaches and Somatic forms of therapy.

I am so deeply thankful for the entire team at HLC.  Namaste.

Coach Tammy Skomorowski


You have now graduated from the certification program, tell me about your experience.

I am a psychotherapist with over 25 years of clinical experience and over 30 years of intermittent personal therapy.  This traditional experience pales in comparison to the powerful HuMethod™ coaching exercises. While most of my past training has been arm chair theory, I have never received the kind of in-depth, hands-on training that I have gotten in this program. The teachings of inner peace and transformation through experiential inner healing, is releasing me from my victim identity to knowing my True God Self. I now know that my synergistic ripple has the power to help heal and transform others  and the world around me through Namasté (unity) Consciousness.  I am learning  and growing so much that I am practically bursting through the seams of my soul. This program is making me a better therapist and I cannot wait to see what I am able to manifest in my personal and career life.

Coach Pal Powell

What was your experience going through HLC's certification program?

My experience at Holistic Learning Center, through their life coaching certification program, was life-changing to say the least. The depth and speed at which I grew, both Spiritually and in “valuable knowledge” kept me in a state of awe. I received so much “extra” coaching materials, within my professional coaching practice I am still utilizing it and finding materials I didn’t even know I had!  I enrolled with no prior training in the field and as a very newly awakened soul, but the amount of knowledge and the depth of that knowledge will keep any soul, no matter how evolved, learning year after year, and as deep as they are interested in diving!

I knew when I was researching schools, HLC was the one. It spoke to my soul and I kept coming back to it again and again. From a leap of faith, and a willingness to accept what I was experiencing, the Universe rewarded my intentions via Holistic Learning center’s CSLC Curriculum!

Coach Lorie Caldwell

How did HLC's certification program transform your personal journey?

The Spiritual Life Coach training I received at HLC changed my life in so many ways, it is impossible to list them all here!   The tools I have learned at Holistic Learning Center have empowered me to transcend the fear that used to dictate my life and have given me the courage to face whatever comes up on my journey without getting lost in fear and anxiety. This training has also given me the courage to be ME, without needing approval of others. The Self Parenting skills I learned at HLC have taught me to unconditionally Love myself and I now grok that I AM worthy of love and respect.

Learning HLC’s HuMethod coaching system has taught me how to STOP the negative self-talk that kept me small and has given me the courage to show up authentically in my life. Learning how to not to believe everything I think has been a game changer!! HLC’s Spiritual Life Coach Training has taught me that I have within me everything I need to face any challenges that come my way in life because I AM a Spiritual Warrior!

Coach Tracey

Why did you choose HLC's Spiritual Life Coaching certification program?

I researched many Life Coaching schools and decided on Holistic Learning Center because their Holistic practitioner’s curriculum encompassed both a spiritual and a clinical aspect.  Most life coaching schools don’t provide both.  Holistic Learning Center has a very hands-on learning structure, where I was able to experience what being a life coach would look like and feel like while in the course.  This modality is very sound, and has helped my clients, get the greatest amount of self-help improvements, in the shortest period of time. I trained to be a life coach to find a more well-rounded way of helping people.  What I received was more than I imagined possible!

Coach Sahaya

How did HLC's certification program help your personal journey?

I wanted to share how amazing and life changing the training, and Coaching Sessions, I received at the Holistic Learning Center was for me!  The training at Holistic Learning Center has given me the ability to permanently change my behaviors for my greater good of my Self.  I have learned to Observe and Correct my Self-defeating behaviors and discreated my old negative patterns that do not serve me.

At one time, I did not have any boundaries to protect my Self, instead I functioned by using my old egoic defense mechanisms, which kept me in a constant state of pain and suffering.  I dependant on others to give me value, to feel loved and now I fulfill my own dependency needs.  Now... I use mature Adult powers to enforce boundaries to feel safe, empowered and protected. This has led me to be a Self Mastered Being, using my power to create joyful experiences. HLC gave me the tools that I needed.  I am so grateful for these tools, as they have given me the emotional courage to continue my journey home to my inner Self.  Thank you!

Coach Beverley

Why Did You Enroll in the Life Coaching Certification Program?

The second that I Googled and clicked on HLC’s link, I just had the overwhelming feeling that this was it. What I had been searching for. The answer to my prayers, and questions. I enrolled in CSLC because I believed in it. I believed in the guidance and gut knowing that this was the real deal. I want to do this for a living, and so I can transform my Self. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I found it. I love the feeling that I get already when I see the change that it gives me, my classmates and my practice clients. I wanted to be a part of the change that the world needs.

Devin Baskey

Why Did You Enroll in the Life Coaching Certification Program?

To legitimize what I already do- energy healing/ channeling/ in combination with various bodywork modalities, with a piece of paper, allowing people who do not want to get on the table & close their eyes a different way to do the same spiritual work, raising their own vibration & so that of the collective. My Spirit orchestrated all the details down to getting Coach Hu for an instructor and personal coach in one on one sessions in answer to my prayers of working on my Self to become the best healer I can possibly be. Thank You Coach Hu, Thank You Deb Grillo, and every single person in this class. I have whole heartedly cut myself wide open and I never thought I could feel safe with so many strangers. You are all blessings to me on my ugly, beautiful path. This class is helping me see what I need to work on in a kind & gentle way. This class AND my sessions have already blessed my family, and THEY ARE MY HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Carla Barzetti

Why Did You Enroll in the Life Coaching Certification Program?

The short answer is, God sent me. 

I’ve been through so many different spiritual experiences, but what ultimately pushed me to Coaching was when helping someone [astrology readings, Tarot readings, etc] I would come to a dead end while trying to guide them. The readings could only take my client so far,  I consistently asked myself “Now what?”. So I got on my computer and put in “spiritual counselor” and came across the website for Holistic Learning Centers.  The rest is history.  It felt so, so right.  Never for a moment has any part of me questioned that this is what I am meant to do. 

And, I know that it is not only about my own healing, it is about helping others heal and reveal the beauty of who they are.  I coach what I most need to learn and heal, one soul at a time beginning with mine.  My purpose statement ever since I developed it when I was a RScP is, “to create a safe space for myself and others to remember who they are.”  It has never changed or waivered.

So, that is why I enrolled to become a CSLC.  God sent me with the purpose to create a safe space for myself and others to remember who they are.  And so it is.

Coach Dale Bowman

Why Did You Enroll in the Life Coaching Certification Program?

  • I wanted a way to earn money doing something I love
  • I felt it would expand my ability to comfort people
  • I hoped I would learn to coach myself in areas of my life that I wanted to change (time management, weight mastery, money mastery, organization)
  • It felt like a natural expansion of my work in The Twilight Brigade
  • It felt like a natural expansion of my work as a Prayer Chaplain
  • It felt like a natural expansion of my work as a hospice volunteer
  • I was attracted to Coach Hu’s generosity when he sent me two free lessons and a free 15 minute session
  • I was attracted to Coach Hu because he affirmed my “stage of enlightenment

Coach Joan Tufts

Why Did You Enroll in the Life Coaching Certification Program?

Because my two passions [metaphysics and spiritual psychology] can be combined into one and I can actually make a living doing it.  I want to help people make the changes in their life that they want to make but don’t know the steps to take to make those changes. I want to fulfill my dharma while helping people at the same time fulfill their dharma.

Coach Natalie Gervasio