Spiritual Relationships Require Inner Work

Many years ago I worked with an HLC co-worker who in her previous occupation was an accomplished, corporate insurance executive. One day, after working for HLC for only a few weeks, she stopped in mid stride, looked deeply into my eyes, and with total emotional honesty said, “Being in a spiritual relationship is hard work!”

What my co-worker was sharing with me was how challenging it is to work for a spiritual organization where she was expected to consistently “walk her talk” 24-7. By walking her talk I am referring to the lessons defined in Lesson # 6 in the Self-Mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self book; such as using Responsibility Communication, Boundary Protection, and Emotional Validation.

My co-worker stated that she found it “hard” to walk her spiritual relationship’s talk; this is a valid, emotionally honest statement. It is “hard” because we are being held to a higher set of spiritually-based rules. We are saying to the world that, “I am committed to walk my spiritual relationship talk.”

After eight teen years of being the founder of a spirit first school, I humbly share with you that I still all too often, find it “hard” to perform these spiritual exercises 24/7. This is especially “hard” when my childlike f.e.a.r. identities have been triggered, or when my boundaries of intrusion or distance are being violated.

Spiritual relationships are the closet thing to heaven that we can experience on earth. They come in all different shapes and sizes (i.e. Mother – Daughter; Husband – Wife; Spiritual Life Coach – Student; Resident – Training Supervisor; etc).

If you are committed to “walking your talk” then being in a spiritually committed relationship will be a worth while challenge, as well as a positive reminder to walk your spiritual relationship talk.

When you have “fallen off the Spirit-first wagon” your spiritual relationships will mirror back to you your positive and negative beliefs, and they will show you when you need to quickly “observe and correct” your less than perfect behavior.