What Does Your Life Mirror About… What You Really Believe?

*A very powerful Universal Law states that…
Whatever You Believe To Be True… Will Become Your Reality.*

That is because you don’t see the world as it is,
you see the world… as you are.
That is because what is going on in the inside
manifests on the outside.
If you want to know what you really believe look at your own life
without rose colored glasses and view what you are… MIRRORING.

So ask yourself…
What does your career, finances, relationships, body and health
tell you about what you… REALLY BELIEVE?

Relationships MIRROR back to you how you are “playing” in the world.
You cannot love or hate something about another person unless
it reflects back something you love or hate about yourself.

Any judgments your ego makes are Self-judgments,
any criticisms that your ego levels are Self-criticisms,
and any “projections” your ego makes
what’s hurting within you.
Consciously or unconsciously,
you always get what you expect,
which are a MIRRORED Reflection of your inner, core
and often time unconscious beliefs.


TY God… Namasté

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

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