“Coach Hu What’s the… Crucifixion-Resurrection Cycle?”

Holy Week celebrates the zenith for the Christians who have dedicated their lives to modeling the deeds and works of Jesus the Christ. It celebrates a Great Soul who took birth 2000 years ago, a soul just like you and I who, by His actions, has positively affected the lives of billions of Souls on their… Journey Home To Their Inner Self.

It is important to acknowledge Jesus’s accomplishments, but it’s even more important to model His behavior and act more “Christ like.” Jesus positive example was exemplified by His greatest act of Unconditional Love and Acceptance when he willing allowed Himself to be crucified. By committing to be more “Christ like” we are opening the possibility to achieve what Jesus promised us when he said, “And greater things shall you do those who follow me.”

Acceptance of the Unacceptable
Is The Greatest Source of Grace In This World

Even the most painful situations conceal a… Deeper Good;
within every disaster is contained the… Seeds of Grace.

Throughout history, there have been women and men who, like Jesus
in the face of great loss, illness, imprisonment, or impending death…
Accepted the Seemingly… Unacceptable
and thus found…
“The Peace that Passeth All Understanding.”

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The Symbolic Form of the… Image of the Cross

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand the deep universal truth that is contained in the symbolic form of the… Image of the Cross. The cross is a torture instrument and it stands for the most extreme suffering, limitation, and helplessness a human being can experience.

Yet when Jesus surrendered willingly, expressed through the words, “Not my will, but Thy will be done” then the cross, an instrument of torture, shows its paradoxical face, and becomes a Sacred Symbol for Unconditional, Divine Acceptance.

The cross, an instrument that seems to deny the existence of any transcendental dimension of love, through Conscious Surrender becomes an opening into a Transformational Dimension of Light and Love.

Lord, I UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPT… that even Christ like BE-ings,
such as Jesus Christ, were betrayed, denied and abandoned by His saintly Apostles.

Yet when he was being crucified He~ Unconditionally Accepted
His dharmic purpose for the suffering He was experiencing when He said…
“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

Crucifixion – Resurrection Cycle

Symbolically the Crucifixion-Resurrection Cycle represents the Spiritual Transformation from identifying oneself as a mortal human, to identifying oneself as a divine, immortal Spirit of Light and Love. We can see this miraculous metamorphosis in nature when we observe a caterpillar as it transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly.

Each and every day Consciously Awakened Souls cycle between the “death” of falsely identifying themselves as the roles they play, and then something quite miraculous happens and they “Resurrect” their understanding that they are not the roles they play, and they grok that they are an empowered BE-ing of God.

This Crucifixion-Resurrection Cycle plays out in our daily lives as we keep transitioning from identifying ourselves as our roles, beliefs and identities to “Resurrecting” our identification of our Selves as the Life Force Energy of the Universe, which different spiritual paths call the Spirit, Soul, Jesus, Buddha Nature, Self, God, Awareness, Atman and the ‘I Am’ Consciousness- to name only a few.

This Conscious Resurrection or Awakening that you are this Life Force Energy of the Universe frees you from the suffering that you inflict on yourself and others, when your mind-made “little ego” runs your life.

This Divine Intelligence operates silently and subtlety, with its Infinite Organizing Powers such as the 10 trillion chemical reactions needed per second for our human bodies to function. It is amazing that most people don’t realize that this Divine Power originates in the Sacred Heart… Not the intellectual mind, which is why real Conscious Awakening … Is Very Uncommon.

This is why you don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate the daily Crucifixion-Resurrection Cycle that we all experience if we are Consciously Conscious that we are not the roles, labels, duties and responsibilities that we perform; we are Divine Immortal BE-ings of Light and Love who are having a human experience.

Namasté  Om Shanti

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