There is Nothing Worse for a Spiritually Awakened Person

We all have goals and things we wish to accomplish with our lives and in recent years thanks to books such as Self Mastery A Journey Home to Your…Self we now know that in order to manifest the reality we desire we must adhere to certain universal principles.  Nothing can be yours for free, in order to achieve anything you must first make sure that your own vibratory frequency is in alignment with your goals.  This can be done by developing Self-mastery habits using S.-P.I.E., which will keep your frequency aligned with that which you intend to manifest.  Some of these habits include prayer, Self-programming, meditation, and visualizations.

Each of these positive habits will help keep your subconscious mind focused on manifesting your goal. This is the most important step to adhere to because before you can have anything, you must program your subconscious mind to work for you and strive towards that which you intend to manifest.  However, these habits are merely the keys…it is you who must open the door through your actions!

A common misconception is that by simply focusing your attention on your intended goal you can manifest anything you desire, this is simply not true.  There is nothing magical or mystical about manifesting the reality you desire. Praying for something or reciting positive affirmations every day IS NOT the only action you need to manifest the object of your intentions. What these habits will do for you is program your subconscious mind in such a way that they will help you attract opportunities to manifest your intentions.  This concept is paramount because when these opportunities arise it is very important that you recognize them and take action!

The TRUTH is that …prayer, affirmations and meditation, without action, can be the beginnings of Self-delusion.  And for a spiritually awakened person there is nothing worse than…SELF-DELUSION!  You need to take action by going out into the world and experiencing what it is you came here to experience for the evolution of your immortal soul.  Struggle, effort, and action are God’s spiritual fitness program that makes you fit enough to master the game of life.

Prayer, positive affirmations, visualizations and meditation are merely tools in your toolbox which are meant to supplement your deliberate conscious creator… ACTIONS.  If you use subconscious programming and you take direct action simultaneously you will avoid the trap of self-delusion, because you will be using the combined power of both your conscious and subconscious mind.

Namaste, my fellow Life Coaches and Anam Caras!
(We are all one, my soul friends)