How Much Can I Earn as a Spiritual Life Coach?

life coaches make income by helping others

How much do Life Coaches make?
How much do Spiritual Life Coaches make?
In this article, we are going to dive into the business of spiritual life coaching practice to learn about life coaching as a career path.

Is There Demand for Life Coaching?

Yes, not only is there a demand for certified well-trained Spiritual Life Coaches and you can earn a good living doing so.

Time Magazine's life coaching cover article shared that there are over 40,000 full-time life coaches working in the United States, and studies have found that participating in a life coaching self-help program led to better goal attainment and less stress. Many self-help books [such as the Self-Mastery, The Human Handbook, and Seven Spiritual Truths Coach’s Textbooks] can pass along many of the same lessons as psychotherapy does. Plus many large-scale businesses have Life Coaches on-staff for their employee's mental health because when employees are mentally healthy it makes for a stable and pleasant work environment plus gets the best performance possible from the employees.

How Much Competition Will I Face?

The unfortunate truth about this industry is, because it’s not federally regulated, people who feel they are “good at talking with people” think they can put up a website and call themselves Coaches. In this industry what will set you apart from the competition is not only being certified in a healing modality but being trained with hundreds of hours of experience. This is what will separate you from others when speaking to potential clients. You can speak from a level of high confidence because you have been thoroughly trained in clinically proven Coaching exercises that you have witnessed work not only on clients but yourself..

How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

Price Waterhouse accounting firm's coaching industry survey posted the following observations:

  1. Life coaches earn on average $83,000 per year.
  2. Life coaches who work from home receive additional tax benefits.
  3. Life coaches trained to a level of professional excellence earn in excess of six figures.

"Four Financial Facts About the Earning Potential of a Life Coach" from Price Waterhouse and Time Magazine states:

  1. Life coaching is a $15 billion industry.
  2. There are nearly 40,000 full-time life coaches working in the United States.
  3. Life coaches earn on average $83,000 per year.
  4. Professionally trained life coaches earn in excess of $100,000.


If you resonate with this information, HLC created a FREE Transformational audio course titled, 6 Lessons EVERY Coach Must Know. In it, you will experience some of HLC's clinically proven psycho-spiritual Coaching exercises that have helped clients achieve permanent, lasting change since 1993.

How Do I Advance My Career?

You advance your career by improving your skills which will improve your client session retention rate. Improving your coaching Client Retention Rate [CRR] will support you to do the work you love as a full-time career. Holistic Learning Centers, Inc [HLC] Clinically Proven Coaching Techniques are based on over 100,000 life coaching field hours from coaches who earned their certification through Holistic Learning Centers since 1993.

Many students have asked how they can significantly improve their client session retention rate and make a prosperous income as a full-time certified spiritual life coach. Your coaching Client Session Retention Rate is the length of time that your coaching client works with you, which is measured in coaching sessions.

The below income proforma is based on over 100,000 HLC life coaching field hours. For part-time life coaching practice, charging $100 per session, having one client per day, five sessions per week, you can earn $25,000 per year part-time. HLC coaching clients commit to an average of 30 sessions. So, at a $100 per session, times 30 sessions, that's $3,000 per coaching client. So yes, you can earn a good living as a spiritual life coach.

In the self-help coaching industry, the average coaching client session retention rate is only 2.7 coaching sessions. However HLC's Certified Spiritual Life Coach's average client session retention rate 30 coaching sessions per client.

One reason why HLC’s HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaches average Client Retention Rate is much higher than industry standards is because of the HuMethod™ Proprietary Subjective Diagnostic Exercises. These proprietary diagnostic testing exercises help to keep coaching clients in session longer because they can measure their improvements based on their three most important self-help objectives.

Another reason is that HLC coaching clients sign up for a self-help coaching curriculum as opposed to the coaching industry standard of one session at a time. The HuMethod™ self-help curriculum is based on 30 classes that have been clinically proven to create permanent behavioral change.

Plus, at HLC new coaching clients are offered enrollment discounts in 10 session increments. For example, 10 sessions at $150 per session, 20 sessions at 125 per session, or 30 sessions at $100 per session, and if you copy HLC’s success formula it significantly increases your coaching client retention rate.

HLC Certified Life Coaches charge between $100 and $150 per coaching session, and the average HLC Spiritual Life Coaching client commits to 30 sessions. So, if we use $100 per session then the average client is worth $3,000. This means that you only need 12 clients, one per month to earn $36,000 in your first year working part-time, and you only need 36 clients, three per month, to earn $108,000 per year working full time.

This proves why anyone who is professionally trained can earn a VERY GOOD LIVING as a HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

HLC has made it possible for almost everyone to afford a Coaching education because HLC approves 98% of our student financing applications. Achieve your Spiritual Purpose for Living, and become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Call 1-888-452-0878 9-5, M-F, EST and speak with an experienced Service Ed coach today. Or submit your questions here and expect an answer within 24-48 hours during the M-F. 


If you resonate with this information, HLC created a FREE Transformational audio course titled, 6 Lessons EVERY Coach Must Know. In it, you will experience some of HLC's clinically proven psycho-spiritual Coaching exercises that have helped clients achieve permanent, lasting change since 1993.