7 Reasons Why HLC is the #1 Transformational
Life Coaching School in North America

and Why These Seven Reasons Will Help You Be Successful

  • 1

    HLC’s Trademarked Life-altering HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises are- Supported by Journal of American Medical Association [J.A.M.A.] Research

  • 2

    HLC’s Exclusive Maieutic Coaching Methods- So Whatever Level of Experience You Have [or don’t have] You Can Effectively Facilitate HLC’s Transformational Healing Exercises

  • 3

    Marketing Support- For Practitioners Who are Marketing on a… Shoestring Budget

  • 4

    HLC’s Interactive Certification Course- Is Equivalent to a “Teacher’s Education Course” Because Most of the Semester You Will Practice Facilitating HLC’s Proven Exercises on your fellow students.

  • 5

    Proprietary Diagnostic Testing Exercises- To Target Your Client’s Specific Needs, which helps them Quantify Their Improvements, and which helps you Build a Referral Based Practice

  • 6

    HLC is the Only School That Teaches Trademarked Dis-Creation Coaching Exercises-Because Affirmations ALONE Don’t Work!

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    HLC modeled our Interactive Certification Curriculum based on Cornell University’s MD Training Methods because they have been Proven to be the most effective way for students like you to retain what you are being taught.

Learn About HLC’s Certification Course

It’s the Best Coaching course in the Self-help Industry Designed to Jumpstart Your Success By Teaching You:

  1. Cutting Edge and Proprietary Facilitation Techniques
  2. How to Facilitate Clinically Proven Trademarked Self-growth Exercises that will quickly Increase your confidence as a coach and dramatically increase your income

The HLC Difference is...
You Get the Best of Both Worlds

You will be taught the spiritual philosophy of over 100 famous self-help authors such as Tolle, Chopra, Dyer, Etc. combined with HLC’s proprietary Success System and Proven Transformational Coaching Exercises. This system will help you achieve success in reaching your professional goals. Learning philosophy combined with an actionable proven system is important because philosophical concepts ‘ALONE’ will not professionally prepare you to do the work you love and were born to do.

Founder Shares Proof
Why HLC’s Coaching Clients Make Major Improvement is the Shortest Period of Time

Did You Know?

50% of HLC’s Certification Students
are already Holistic Practitioners
who Enroll to Expand their
Professional Client Services and Income

Don’t Let This Happen To You

Suzie writes, “I wish I would have found HLC before I enrolled in another school.”

Sadly, HLC’s Certification Course Instructors hear that comment all too often from new certification students after they personally experience the life-altering HuMethod’s™ coaching exercises role playing with their instructor and classmates, and they can feel the transformative difference on themselves.

Plus, numerous professionals such as Therapists, sadly admit that they had to pay thousands of dollars for tuition, plus invest 6+ years of their lives only to be taught how to work with mentally ill patients.

Many of HLC students who are Therapists shared with us that when they were in college they didn’t realize that what they actually wanted to do was to help competent clients become even more competent [and not the mentally ill] by coaching them how to live empowered, emotionally mature successful lives using proven techniques such as what they are learning here at HLC.

Doctors Discuss HLC's
Clinically Proven Coaching Exercises

7 Reasons Why HLC is the #1

Spiritual Life Coaching School in North America

HLC is the oldest and #1 Transformational Life Coaching School in North America because of our results-driven success systems that will teach you how to facilitate clinically proven HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises

Some of HLC’s life-altering and trademarked Coaching exercises are supported by research conducted by J.A.M.A. - Journal of American Medical Association.

HLC’s HuMethod™ Certified Coaches use many different kinds of Clinically Proven Coaching Exercises to help our clients quickly achieve their self-help objectives. Some of these empowering exercises are written assignments called S.elf-M.astery A.ssignments [SMAs]. HLC’sSMA library contains over 150 SMAs, which you can use to customize your sessions based on your clients unique needs.

HLC added this proven methodology over two decades ago when Master Coach Hu learned that psychologists documented in several case studies, in the Journal of the American Medical Association [J.A.M.A.] that written assignments were found to help clients achieve their psycho-spiritual session goals at a faster rate than with therapy alone.

J.A.M.A. SMA case studies is further proof why the proper use of HLC’s HuMethod™
Clinically Proven Exercises help our coaching clients [and you] to create the Permanent Behavioral Changes needed to quickly achieve their self-growth goals

HuMethod™ Coaches do not have to be psychotherapists, MD or PhDs, even though many are. HLC grads are Spiritual Teachers who use HLC’s trademarked Maieutic Coaching Exercises to help their clients transcend their self-growth issues.

As an HLC student, you will be taught how to facilitate emotional, psychological, and spiritual Maieutic Exercises that have been clinically proven to work on everyone who performs them as prescribed, which includes you. HLC’s life-altering coaching exercises aren’t magical, mystical, or mysterious. HLC’s transformational exercises work for the same reasons why strength training, cardio, and yoga exercises work.

The Maieutic Coaching Method is based on the concept that a person already possesses an innate spiritual understanding of their own Truth sufficient to remedy it.

HLC’s Maieutic Coaching Method allows your clients to experience their Inner truth through a process of discovery, which validates their own Self-awareness. This is why you will be taught not to explain or analyze for the client, solve their problem, or tell them what to do. 

The most effective way for you to do this is by asking Clinically-Tested Maieutic Questions, rather than providing your clients with information, lecturing, or analyzing. All certification students receive a collection of proven Maieutic questions so you can choose the right questions for whatever issue your client needs to transcend.

When facilitating Maieutic questions, you will be taught not “evaluate, judge or analyze” for or about the client.  Rather, you will be given a specific series of Maieutic questions, which will quickly bring your client to a resolution of their issues in a spiritually-centered, safe, and professional manner.

HLC’s course materials give our students the tools to be the most impactful and effective Coaches they can be. We do this knowing that if you aren’t good at Coaching, it doesn’t matter how nice your website looks, or how well you market your services. You won’t build a successful practice, because your clients will not get the results they paid you to help them achieve.

What’s the Use of Knowing Psycho-Spiritual Healing Techniques, 
If You Don’t Know How To Dispense Them To as Many Souls as Possible?”
Master Coach Hu

FREE MARKETING SUPPORT:  HLC’s certification courses include a marketing consultation with an experienced HLC staff member, which you can schedule whenever you want. During your semester you will be exposed to numerous examples of how practitioners are building their private practices.

Another example how HLC helps you build your private practice is once a month, HLC licenses you to give away a FREE Self-mastery eBook and audiobook with a retail value of up to $25 to as many potential clients as you desire. HLC students and graduates email and post this monthly offer on social media such as Facebook. These consistent marketing actions will help you develop a consistent flow of new clients.

Building your holistic practice is remarkably similar to being the parent of a young child. Meaning, you must be willing to nurture your practice and give it what it needs to grow and prosper. The process of building your practice is a 'Labor of Love'. This means that you must invest your time, money, and most importantly your own Inner Self-growth, because your holistic practice cannot grow beyond your level of Spiritual Transformation.

ADDITIONAL MARKETING SUPPORT:  HLC has a business and marketing training manual for those students who want to learn how professionals market their holistic practices, titled-How to Build & Market a Successful Coaching Practice on a Shoestring Budget, and it costs less than one week of running FB Ads [$295].

If you are a Life Coach, Counselor, Reiki Master, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, or any other holistic practitioner, this 200+ page training manual is a priceless tool that will help you do the work you love as a full-time career.

HLC’s Marketing Training Manual How to Build Your Practice
on a Shoestring Budget- Will Teach You How To:

  • Use low-budget ways to market your holistic practice
  • Create free or inexpensive websites
  • Facilitate book study groups using your certification course textbooks
  • Register clients at holistic health and wellness fairs and shows
  • Use Free social media to educate your clients about your services 
  • Place inexpensive, targeted Facebook Ads
  • Legally set up your holistic practice to take advantage of the tax benefits
  • Use seminars and workshops to build your practice
  • Use Search Engine Optimization [SEO] techniques on your website
  • Place Google Ad Words pay per click[PPC] inexpensive Ads
  • And much, much more...

HLC modeled our Interactive ‘tele-classroom’ certification course on an ancient Zen teaching parable which states, “What I hear I forget. What I See I Remember. But it’s only what I DO,
and Experience, that I understand and master.”

Educators have conducted professional research which supports this Zen parable. They discovered that students learn the most and the fastest by- DOING. Meaning, you will learn faster by “playing tennis,” than by merely watching a video, or reading about how to play tennis. The same holds true for learning how to facilitate the HuMethod™ Coaching exercises. 

A large portion of the Interactive Certification Course’s Curriculum is dedicated to having students like you practice facilitating the HuMethod™ Coaching exercises with your instructor and classmates.

Do you understand why HLC’s ‘Teachers Ed’ curriculum developed upon
decades of successful field experience will positively affect your financial success?

The reason why the Interactive Certification course is taught as if it was a college “Teacher’s Education Class,” is to professionally prepare you how to facilitate proven exercises that will help you and your clients transform your lives because you learn the most by DOING.

HLC’s HuMethod™ Transformational Life Coaching Certification Courses, are the only curriculums in the Life Coaching industry that includes Proprietary, Trademarked Diagnostic Testing Exercises.

You will use HLC’s Diagnostic Testing Exercises to help: 

  • Your clients measure how fast they are achieving their self-growth goals.
  • Your clients clearly define what they want to dis-create and manifest.
  • You determine what are the best HLC exercises to achieve their self-growth goals, using the library of HuMethod™ exercises and SMA assignments contained in your certification training manual.

All these factors will help you professionally determine what your client’s specific needs are, so they can accomplish their self-help goals as quickly as possible. 

Do you understand now why HLC’s interactive semester, which is focused on giving you the classroom field experience that you need to be successful, will give you the self-confidence you need to do the work you love as a full-time career?

The HuMethod™ Proprietary Diagnostic Exercises will help you build a- strong referral-based Coaching practice. That’s because your Coaching clients will be given the CLINICAL PROOF, that will prove to them that they are making the empowering changes they paid you to help them create, using your HuMethod™ spiritually transformative coaching exercises.

The HuMethod™ Dis-creation Coaching Exercises are the “missing link,” in the Conscious Creation Process. DIS-CREATION- is a compound word that means to “stop creating.” 

HLC’s Dis-Creation Exercises are a relatively new healing discovery. They will help you and your coaching clients clean the slate of your subconscious minds of your negatively programmed beliefs. These empowering exercises will help your clients ‘UN-Learn’ what has been unconsciously sabotaging their attempts to achieve their goals.

Psychologists have proven that people think between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts a day, and that by age thirty ninety-eight percent of those are the same fundamental thoughts repeated again and again.

This means that by age forty you will have created 730 million thoughts, and according to psychologists, approximately eighty percent of these will be negative. Therefore, by age forty you will have reinforced 584 million negative thoughts deep into your subconscious mind.

This means if you believe in the power of positive affirmations, and you do 100 affirmations a day [Vs. 50-75,000 negative thoughts per day], that would be like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a thimble. This Proves Mathematically Why Affirmations “ALONE” Don’t Work.

That is why as a HuMethod™ Interactive Certification Student, you will be taught how to facilitate Dis-creation Exercises, to help you and your clients clean the slate of their minds of negatively programmed beliefs, which will help them build the life they hired you to help them create.

Dis-Creation Exercises are a vital facet of the HuMethod™ exercises because your clients need to “clean their mind of their old negative beliefs” before they can achieve the goals they hired you to help them manifest.

You will practice the HuMethod™ Proprietary Dis-Creation Exercises with your instructor and classmates until you feel confident that you can use them to help your clients clean the slate of their subconscious minds, which is truly an amazing transformative process to facilitate.

Do you understand why your classroom field experience role-playing how to facilitate  the Dis-creation Exercises with your instructor and fellow students will give you the the self-confidence you need to do the work you love as a full-time career?

Most practitioners don’t understand why the affirmations “Alone” concept does not work. It falsely assumes that their clients had a life filled with nothing but functional role models. And their past was devoid of pain, loss, suffering and abuse. According to this incorrect theory, their clients can “PILE ON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past, and still create the reality they want. But the “PILE IT ON” Theory ALONE, doesn’t work.

This is why Dis-Creation Exercises are essential techniques that you need to help you build a referral-based, successful practice.

HLC’s Interactive Certification Course “See One, Do One, Teach One” instructional training methods, was modeled after Cornell University’s Medical School Training Method. 

Cornell’s medical instructors realized this 3-step method of having their students “See one” (Watch a skilled practitioner facilitate a technique), and then “Do One” (Experience it on themselves), and then “Teach one” (Teach it to someone else), was the most effective and efficient way to train their future medical doctors.

The HuMethod™ See One, Do One, Teach One training technique is the most effective and efficient way to professionally prepare students like you, how to professionally facilitate HLC’s life-altering transformative exercises.

As an Interactive Certification Student, Within a Week’s Period of Time, You Will…

  • See OneYou will “SEE” your HLC instructor facilitate the HuMethod™ clinically proven exercises.
  • Do One-You will “DO” the HuMethod™ clinically proven exercises yourself so that you can experience them for your own Self-growth.
  • Teach OneYou will “TEACH” [Coach] the HuMethod™ clinically proven exercises with you instructor and classmates students as part of your “On-The-Job” training.

Can you visualize what your holistic practice will look and feel like when you are making a full-time living doing the work you were born to do facilitating the HuMethod™ exercises that are contributing to the critical mass tipping point needed to co-create a global transformation of light and love?