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Experience Your Own Spiritual Ascension & Become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach from the #1 Transformational Coaching School in North America

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  • How to create deep and lasting impact for yourself and your clients.
  • The top 3 BIG mistakes you're making right now.
  • How to use the Coaching skills you already possess to help others.

Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. [HLC]
certification course will teach you how to facilitate a transformative Coaching experience for your clients.

The caliber of training we provide is much akin to the same science and spiritually-based teachings as famous self-help authors such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, and more.

HLC is the only school in the industry, that offers a Spiritual Life Coaching certification course, with clinically tested self-help exercises, proven to work on thousands of people for over two decades. HLC’s certification courses are for students who want to build a spiritually-based Life Coaching practice, and for holistic practitioners who want to use the HuMethod™ transformational Coaching exercises to enhance their practices. Beginning in 1993, our intention was to develop more than a course,
but a healing modality, like chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy.

My Story

I am learning and growing so much that I am practically bursting through the seams of my soul. This program is making me a better therapist and I cannot wait to see what I am able to manifest in my personal and career life.

-Coach Pal,


My Story

HLC has not only changed my clinical practice professionally, but it has changed me and my entire life. Having worked as a Canadian Certified Counsellor for 20 years, HLC has brought my clinical practice to a whole new level. I am now able to go deeper with clients to support them in the same way, to go beyond mere knowledge and skills, to make deeper lasting core belief changes. I am so deeply thankful for the entire team.

-Coach Tammy,


My Story

I trained to be a life coach to find a more well-rounded way of helping people. What I received was more than I imagined possible. HLC has a very hands-on learning structure, where I was able to experience what being a life coach would look like and feel like while in the course. Adding this to my practice has helped my clients see deeper improvements in shorter periods of time.

-Coach Sahaya,



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