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Where the First Thing You Will be Taught is
How To Self-actualize Your Own Inner-growth

Since 1993 HLC has been field-testing life-altering coaching exercises that have been proven on souls who are just like you to help the greatest number of coaching clients, achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time.

HLC specializes in teaching spiritually conscious students like you how to professionally facilitate life-altering coaching exercises. The first we do to accomplish this is to help you Self-actualize your Inner challenges using clinically HLC’s trademarked HuMethod™ empowering exercises.

Do you understand why HLC’s decades of successful field experience will positively affect your personal growth, professional success and income?

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You Will Learn:

  • How to manifest deep and lasting change for yourself and your clients using proven healing exercises.
  • How to correct Self-growth mistakes that many practitioners unknowingly make with their clients, and themselves.
  • If you are a holistic practitioner you will learn about healing exercises that you can use to expand your client services and income.
  • If you are a ‘natural coach’ who is working with your family and friends for free learn... how to convert your ‘calling’ into a full-time career.

You Will Learn How to Facilitate Transformational
Coaching Exercises That Have Been Proven To Manifest
Your Clients and Your Own Self-Growth Goals

Why is HLC the #1 Rated Transformational Certification school in North America?

One reason why is because Master Coach Hu, his staff and graduates have facilitated over 30,000 Transformational Coaching sessions since 1993. We combined this clinically field-tested experience with decades of research on the teachings of hundreds of self-actualization leaders, gurus, and famous self-help authors to compile over 10,000 pages of research.

Then we organized this labor of love into 14 psychospiritual textbooks, certification training manuals, and over hundred “How To” audios to make it as easy as possible for our certifications students like you to build successful practices. This dedication, fortitude and persistence has resulted in the development of the first authentic Transformational Life Coaching Healing Modality titled the… HuMethod.

The HuMethod™ is a scientifically grounded healing modality just like chiropractic, nursing, and physical therapy. Its life-altering healing discoveries are the most advanced and effective healing techniques available today in the self-help industry.

The HuMethod™ exercises are very effective because it takes the concept of Spiritual Transformation from an abstract concept and breaks it down into an easy-to-facilitate set of coaching exercises.

We did this to ensure your success whether you are using the HuMethod™ as your primary healing modality OR you are already Holistic Practitioner who wants this education to expand your professional client services and income.

The HuMethod™ title wasn’t chosen because it is our founder’s spiritual name. It was chosen because the word “Hu” refers to the subconscious, divine and quantum powers that exist within all human beings. Mastering how to tap into these Universal Powers is why you will be able to create for yourself, and your coaching clients, the Permanent Behavioral Changes needed for them to manifest their Self-growth goals as quickly as humanly possible.

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HLC’s Interactive & Independent Study Certification Courses

HLC’s Courses Are For Students Who Want To:

  • Self-actualize and heal their own and their clients Inner Self-growth challenges
  • Build a spiritually-based, financially successful Transformational Coaching practice
  • Use the HuMethod™ life-altering exercises to expand their holistic modality’s professional client services and income.


SIX TRADE SECRETS Every Successful Coach & Holistic Practitioner Needs to Know

Your FREE AUDIO COURSE will teach you about HuMethod™ Trademarked Healing Exercises taken directly from the #1 Transformational Certification Course in North America that has been certifying coaches and holistic practitioners for decades.

Since 1993 HLC’s certification school has been field-testing life-altering exercises that have been proven on souls who are just like you to help the greatest number of holistic clients, achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time.

Do you understand why HLC’s HuMethod ‘Teachers Ed’ curriculum
developed upon
decades of successful field experience
will positively affect your clients healing and your financial success?

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HLC’s Interactive & Independent Study Certification Courses


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Coach Pal

I am learning and growing so much that I am practically bursting through the seams of my soul. This program is making me a better therapist and I cannot wait to see what I am able to manifest in my personal and career life.

-Coach Pal,


Coach Tammy

HLC has not only changed my clinical practice professionally, but it has changed me and my entire life. Having worked as a Canadian Certified Counsellor for 20 years, HLC has brought my clinical practice to a whole new level. I am now able to go deeper with clients to support them in the same way, to go beyond mere knowledge and skills, to make deeper lasting core belief changes. I am so deeply thankful for the entire team.

-Coach Tammy,


Coach Sahaya

I trained to be a life coach to find a more well-rounded way of helping people. What I received was more than I imagined possible. HLC has a very hands-on learning structure, where I was able to experience what being a life coach would look like and feel like while in the course. Adding this to my practice has helped my clients see deeper improvements in shorter periods of time.

-Coach Sahaya,




About Holistic Learning Center's Coaching School

Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) is neither a church, nor a ministry, nor does HLC attest to any particular religious point of view. HLC is strictly a non-sectarian educational organization of higher learning that provides spiritual coaching courses, and educational products for spiritually awakened students. HLC offers educational programs designed for basic and advanced students, holistic practitioners, and people seeking Self-empowerment.

It is a comprehensive or “holistic” approach to Coaching that empowers clients to create the life they desire with their Coach being the conduit for that change. One of the many ways HLC teaches how to do this is using the Maieutic method of Coaching. When using the Maieutic method, the wisdom and answers come from the client herself, not from the Coach didactically imputing his or her thoughts or beliefs onto the client.

YES, HLC offers a variety of payment options, making it possible for you regardless of your financial circumstances.

A subset course contains materials and Self-Mastery Assignments from the main Spiritual Life Coaching certification course that has been sectioned off to be taken individually.

Often, a student takes a subset course because their budget or time constraints won’t allow them to enroll in the full certification course.  This allows the student to start working toward their certification piece-by-piece instead of putting their entire career path on hold until they can enroll in the full certification course.

Bonus- Students can receive tuition credit if they matriculate within 90 days to the next course. All assignments within each module can be credited toward the full certification course.

Personal Journey- Many students take the subset courses, not with the intention to become certified but for their personal journey as a way to empower and improve their lives.

First and foremost, we give students the tools to be the most impactful and effective Coach they can be, because, let’s face it, if you aren’t good at Coaching, it doesn’t matter how nice your website looks, you can’t build a successful referral-based practice if your clients aren’t seeing results. Marketing and private practice education is taught throughout the program. It is also gone over in great detail in the How to Build & Market Your Private Practice on a Shoestring Budget manual. As a bonus, HLC also provides a monthly free eBook and audiobook lesson that comes straight from the certification program that HLC graduates use to send to clients and potential clients to work with.    

HLC was established in 1993 and is the oldest life coaching and spiritual counseling certification school in North America. HLC acquired its accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners [AADP] because the International Coach’s Federation [ICF] as well as all the other current accreditation organizations did not exist.

HLC respects the ICF as a professional organization, but HLC has intentionally remained with AADP because they specialize in complementary, holistic modalities such as integrative psychiatry, massage therapy, spiritual life coaching, reflexology, Reki, etc.

Today there are several agencies that offer a life coaching accreditation: AADP, IAC, ICF, and USLCA. All of these organizations are independent privately held corporations that are not backed by anyone unifying governmental authority. Since 1993 HLC has witnessed many accreditation businesses open and close its doors, and that is why we are proud of our long-standing relationship with AADP.

The HuMethodTM is an empowering healing modality with proprietary, clinically proven, results driven Life Coaching and Self-help training system, with decades of research and field-testing. HLC’s Life Coaches use the HuMethod™ to professionally facilitate well field-tested exercises with their Life Coaching clients, to help them quickly achieve their self-help objectives.

Essentially, the HuMethod™ training system teaches students how to use emotional, psychological, and self-nurturing exercises in order to maieutically teach the client to permanently change behaviors that no longer suit them.

The HuMethod™ title wasn’t chosen because it is our founder’s spiritual name. It was chosen because the word “Hu” refers to the subconscious, divine and quantum powers that exist within all human beings.  Mastering how to tap into these Universal Powers is why HuMethod™ Certified Coaches are able to create the permanent behavioral changes needed for their clients to manifest their self-help goals as quickly as humanly possible.

The work of people and groups such as Byron Katie or Avatar are excellent and HLC respects the work they have done.

The main difference is the level of research and testing done to create the ONLY Spiritual Life Coaching healing modality in the industry. This program compares not to other Coaching schools but to traditional healing modalities like chiropractic and follows the same level of professionalism.

No other organization invested 30 years of research, plus 15 years of clinical field testing. No other program has a spiritually-based, technically grounded healing modality that creates permanent behavioral change for anyone who performs the self-help exercises as assigned. No other program builds your confidence and skills as a Coach through practice-practice-practice along with blending your personal Self-mastery journey.

The term clinically tested means that for more than 25 years, HLC has tested hundreds of exercises on thousands of students to prove what works and what does not.

Graduates of HLC’s accredited curriculum are qualified to be Board Certified, Holistic Practitioners by AADP – the Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. The AADP is a professional association, which recognizes traditional and nontraditional programs around the world.

It is a study of the whole.

HLC's program is non-sectarian and does not follow or relate to any specific religion or political group. The beautify of the program is that you can come from a religious or non-religious background and blend our program into your beliefs.

When we use the word "Spirit", it's referring to being concerning with or affecting the soul. Unlike being a Life Coach, being a Spiritual Life Coach, you go deeper with the client and help them to learn what is already inside them. 

We have defined Self-Mastery as having control over the mind to such a degree that an individual can go beyond their external circumstances to manifest their desires and think and feel better.