Recovery/ 12 Steps Series – Step 4

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 5

Making a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory …
Feeling the Benefits

By Certified Life Coach Deborah

Namasté Soul Friends,

It feels so good to have you join me on this journey.  I am feeling the ‘inner net’ of ONE consciousness as we join together on the Internet.  In my last article I spoke about the seven pieces of self-parenting.  One of these pieces is to learn how to unconditionally love and accept myself without behavioral conditions especially when I exhibit less than perfect behavior (not that this has ever happened –lol).

This was an important distinction for me to learn as I took my 4th step and “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself.” It reduced the intensity of the ‘fear’ so that I could honestly accept and see that what happened really happened which allowed me to see, feel and heal the emotional wounds caused by living with a disease called alcoholism.

When I walked this next step in my journey with the HuMethod™ Language of Feelings exercises in the textbook Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to your Self”, I learned how to ingest, digest, process and eliminate repressed feelings.   I used to ‘think my feelings’ meaning that my ego-mind was always telling me what I was feeling but I wasn’t feeling anything, I was shut down emotionally.  I was reacting from my thoughts, instead of responding from my heart.   This ‘thinking’ kept me tied to my history rather than being in the Now and feeling and releasing my repressed feelings.  When I took Step 2 I was given hope that I would be restored to sanity, and I wanted it. I now know that in addition to the benefits that I received from my 12-step work, I needed to master how to consciously feel and release my healing feelings so I live in peace and have serenity (my definition of sanity).

I just want to remind you that these HuMethod™ exercises don’t replace the proven 12 Steps. They are a bridge that you can take that will introduce you to advanced tools to enhance and accelerate your recovery journey.  This particular
exercise was a bridge that I didn’t know how to walk over until I was willing to feel what needed to be healed.  As I said earlier, I processed my life through my thinking mind (intellect) first and my heart (feelings) second.  My ego-mind was my God and I was letting this thinking mind use my past history to make all of my current and future decisions.  I realized that I was seeing through pinhole eyes because I was not drawing upon the Infinite Wisdom of my Higher Power.

The Language of Feelings is the language of my intuitive Self!  My heart feels intuitive messages that are sent to me by Spirit (my Higher Power).  When these messages are uncomfortable feelings, my Spirit is trying to tell me that I am out of harmony with my Self. When I block these healing feelings, I am blocking all of the benefits that are coming to me.  Benefits such as being able to have good boundary defenses, self-acceptance, grieving my losses, having closure when something ends (and there’s so many more).  When I continue to resist, repress, minimize or deny my feelings, I disconnect myself from my Self.  When I decided to Commit, Study, Practice, Internalizing and Emotionalize (S-PIE) the Language of Feelings self-mastery exercises, I learned to honor my feelings, face them, embrace them and then release them.

When I connect with my heart, and start to process my life through my feelings, I understand why I am feeling the way I am feeling.  My heart feels my Spirit giving me the purpose for this feeling.  Once I understand the message from my Spirit
about why I am feeling what I am feeling, I am then able to process the feeling using wisdom gained from my life experiences.

The Spiritual Distinction Meditation helped me to master my Ego (thinking) mind and opened my heart.  It helped me to detach from the extrinsic aspects of daily life and quieted my mind so that I could hear what my intuitive heart was trying to tell me.

Using the Language of Feelings along with the 4th step, I started to feel better than I have ever felt before.  Processing my life through my feelings is 90% more efficient than thinking, and so I have much more energy to manifest all of my hopes and dreams.

Join me next time as I share how I started to develop more intimate Spiritual Relationships applying the HuMethod™ exercises along with Step 5.    Keep coming – it works if you work it!

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Deborah Giddings, CSLC and Recovery Trainer

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