Coach's 101 Orientation Class

Interactive Teleclass

Do you want to learn more about HLC’s Transformational Certification Program and experience the life-altering powers of our Self-growth exercises before you enroll?  Then the 101 class is your first step to becoming a Transformational Life Coach before you commit financially.

During this class, you will discover how HLC’s Exclusive Trademarked Workshop and Self-growth Exercises can turn your passion public speaking and helping others into a career that you were born to do.

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“This class is packed full of extreme value you  can use if you decide to enroll later or continue on your personal journey.

-Sabrina Rose, ED

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The Coach's 101 Orientation Class

The HLC Difference is...
You Get the Best of Both Worlds

You will be taught the spiritual philosophy of over 100 famous self-help authors such as Tolle, Chopra, Dyer, Etc. combined with HLC’s proprietary Success System and Proven Transformational Coaching Exercises. This system will help you achieve success in reaching your professional goals. Learning philosophy combined with an actionable proven system is important because philosophical concepts ‘ALONE’ will not professionally prepare you to do the work you love and were born to do.

Class Materials Included:

  • Interactive Coaching Class

    You will experience firsthand a few of the HuMethods™ Trademarked Healing Discoveries and learn about HLC's Coach's Success System with your classmates.

  • 9 eChapters From HLC’s Proprietary Coaching Textbooks:


    These eChapters [over 90 pages] were taken directly from 3 of the Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course textbooks.

  • Audio Chapters Taken From HLC’s Proprietary Coach’s Audiobooks:

    Over 4-hours of audiobook chapters, which were taken directly from HLC’s Transformational Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course required audios.

  • Coaching Exercise + Bonus

    Self-Mastery Coaching Assignment, Client in-take Form, plus a Bonus Coaching Document are included.

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