Spiritual relationship covenants create a “Spirit-First Rules of Order” which will give you and your partner some relationship guidelines to follow. These covenants will help you create new relationship habits that will help empower your relationships while improving your emotional intimacy.

A Spiritual relationship covenant is a living document, which requires you to continually update, improve, and change it based upon your spiritual growth… from relative truth to Absolute Truth.

I suggest that you use these seven Spiritual Covenants as a template that you can use to customize your own covenants based on your unique relationship models.

SEVEN Spiritual Covenants:

ONE- The primary purpose for being in a spiritually based, loving relationship is to support each other’s spiritual growth.

TWO- A Spiritual partnership is a covenant based on the highest degree of truth and integrity. Spiritual partners recognize their equality, by acknowledging that they are unique manifestations of the same Spirit. They are capable of seeing through any negative human identities that may emerge. Instead, they focus on the Spirit that they share, the Namasté Consciousness within them where they are spiritually ONE.

THREE- Being in a committed, consciously awakened Spiritual Relationship creates inner satisfaction and an environment that supports spiritual growth. As a child of God, you deserve to be empowered by a relationship that fulfills your emotional and spiritual needs. Within this nurturing space you can more easily develop your spiritual skills, because this environment creates the fertile ground that is necessary for you to grow at your optimum rate. Your relationship skills will continue to grow because you both understand that your relationship is an ongoing process. Your continual growth prevents boredom and stagnation, and enhances your inspirational creativity. Your spiritual relationship creates an environment that enhances and supports the continual growth and development of your inner spiritual Self.

FOUR- Spiritual partners bond with the understanding that they are together because it is appropriate for their Souls to grow together. Spiritual partners pledge to handle all decisions from a holistic perspective defined as: “What benefits the relationship the most benefits me the most.”

FIVE- Spiritual partners recognize that the partnership is always in the process of holistic growth, and therefore flexibility and commitment to truth is essential. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “In life I am committed to truth, not consistency.” A spiritual partnership requires education, commitment, flexibility, love, and unconditional acceptance.

SIX- Spiritual partnerships are much freer and more open than the old-world models. They leave behind the stereotypical roles that exist merely for survival and protection. Instead they seek to align themselves with Universal Spirit for the purpose of spiritual evolution and emotional growth. Spiritual partners know that as they align themselves with Spirit, success and prosperity will follow. They choose to place their attention and intention on developing their Divine Self for the purpose of their own growth, the growth of their relationship, and that of the Global Spiritual Awakening.

SEVEN- By choosing to be in a spiritual relationship, you are choosing to respond to your partner with compassion and love instead of fear and doubt. This will help you to create a New-World Model. You bring your Responsibility Communication skills to all of your relationships, which manifests a more harmonious and serene life for you and all be-ings that you come in contact with.