Master Coach Hu's

Transformational Healing Services

Session Mission Statement


For Transformational Coaching Sessions
with Every Certified HLC Coach

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    I have learned who you are, and what you aspire to achieve using diagnostic testing exercises, which will help you to feel safe and secure working with me because my SPIRIT is… Unconditionally Accepting.

  • 2

    I will not interfere with your life choices, make choices for you, or brand your choices wrong, because I use the maieutic coaching method, which helps me be... Emotionally Detached and Non-judgmental.

  • 3

    I accept your “less than perfect” behavior because I know you are Consciousness having a human experience, so my SPIRIT is… Unconditionally Loving.

  • 4

    When you share with me experiences that you have never shared with anyone else, my job is to absolve you of your guilt, shame or blame because my Spirit honors the god within you, because my SPIRIT is… Unconditionally Forgiving.

  • 5

    I will help you FEEL SAFE in the world, because my role within our co-creative process is to be your… Loving and Protective Parental Model.

  • 6

    I will continue to educate my Self, so that I keep expanding my knowledge of the “whys” behind human behavior because my Inner Self is… Wise and Ever Expanding.

  • 7

    Lastly, it’s my intention to act as your “emotional intimacy role model” because my Inner Self knows that you need to be loved and honored for whom you really are… A Divine Adult of God.

My Promise to You

As Your HLC HuMethod™ Transformational Coach

As your Certified Transformational Life Coach, I will create a coaching environment where you will feel safe and supported, which will help you transcend your ego defense mechanisms to a place where you feel at ONE with Universal Namastè Consciousness. [See Mission Statement]

I will begin by learning about your unique case history using my school’s Trademarked Diagnostic Exercises, so I can create a Success System Designed Specifically For You, which will help you create the permanent changes that you desire. Then I will use your custom designed Transformational Plan to help you accomplish your Personalized Goals.

As Your Transformational Coach I Will:

  • Instruct You How To...

    Emotionalize Your Healing Feelings, which will improve your self-esteem and self-image, so you can learn to love yourself with all your perfect imperfections.

  • Clinically Measure...

    your self-growth improvements so you will be able to see for yourself how fast you are achieving your goals.

  • Teach You How To...

    emotionally Validate Your Feelings because when you learn how your ego will be out of a job because it has nothing left to deny, repress or minimize.

  • Help You To Surface...

    your Unconscious Negative Beliefs so you can “Un-Learn” them because- Affirmations Alone Do Not Work.

  • Teach You a Unique Meditative Exercise that Will...

    help you feel the difference between your ego-intellect from your sacred heart communications, which is an essential transformational ability you need to make the changes that you desire.

  • Teach You How To Self-Program...

    Your New Empowering Beliefs and Habits so they will sink deep into your subconscious mind, which will help you create the permanent changes that you hired me to help you create.

"Listen To Me"

"To Listen another soul into personal disclosure and discovery maybe the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another."

I shared this quote with you by Douglas Steere, which was taken from my book The Human Handbook, so you know what it feels like to do Transformational Inner Work With Souls Like You.


Coach Hu

Deborah Giddings
Deborah Giddings
"There was a time in my life when it felt like I was getting emotionally triggered 24x7. I believed that the world was not a safe place and that I needed to be on guard at all times. Hu’s unconditional loving vibe while facilitating his transformational coaching exercises with me has dramatically changed the way I feel about myself and life. Coach Hu helped me to realize I survived many traumatic life experiences, and he showed me how to use them to live a self-empowered life. Hu’s boundary mastery exercises have helped me feel safe in the world and it is why I have transitioned from a fear-based life of surviving to a life where I’m thriving because I now believe that I’m a strong, beautiful, and loving soul who has a lot to offer to the world.”
Lorie Caldwell
Lorie Caldwell
"I want to share what I gained by hiring Master Coach Hu to be my transformational life coach. Coach Hu supported me with his unconditional love and belief in me, which was really powerful because it created a safe space for me to do the work that I needed to heal. Hu taught me how to use his coaching exercises that over time has helped me to go from being a people pleaser, to feeling safe enough to be able to disappoint another to be true to myself. He taught me how to unconditionally love myself exactly the way I am. I love Master coach Hu’s Soul with all my heart and I’m very grateful for everything he taught me about love, life and relationships."
Jen Sights
Jen Sights
“Every day I am grateful that I hired Master Coach Hu because he taught me his transformational exercises that helped me heal. I have attracted an amazingly beautiful, supportive, accepting, and loving spiritual relationship, which is something I never believed I could have experienced before I did my coaching sessions with Hu. I am now able to unconditionally accept what happened to me and how I behaved without beating myself up. Instead, I validate whatever I am feeling, and I listen to my Inner Self, which is why I continue to heal on a deeper level every time these feelings and memories arise.”
Grace Powell
Grace Powell
“Hiring Master Coach Hu as my transformational coach was hands down the best decision of my life, and I’m sharing this as someone who has worked as a therapist for over thirty years. I received a superior psycho-spiritual education that far exceeded my expectations. Working with Hu has been a life changer because it has helped me to grow in ways I never imagined possible. With Hu’s help I have transcended a lifetime of living within an egoic prison of fear and doubt. I’m finally healing my mind, body, and Spirit which is helping me be my authentic Self who is filled with love and Joy. I am finally consciously creating the life of which I have always dreamed. Thank you Coach Hu!”

As your Transformational
Life Coach...

As your Transformational Life Coach my primary objective is to teach you ‘how to fish’, as opposed to ‘giving you a fish.’ Meaning, when we are done working together you will be living an emotionally mature, highly functional life. You enjoy the blessing of a serene mind because of the meditative exercise you will learn. This will improve all of your relationships, and these Self-improvements will help you to achieve your financial and career goals.


Coach Hu

Master Coach Hu's Private Coaching Clients Receive

Included Materials

Personal coaching sessions with Master Coach Hu include excerpts from three of his transformational books and
audio programs to accelerate the achievement of each client's self-growth goals.

The Awakening- Book on Angle Mockup

Amazon #1

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Master Coach Hu Amazon #1 Best-Selling Novel brings to life a vivid story of love, loss, and transformational awakening between two soul mates.

See Video Trailer

Self-Mastery- Book on Angle Mockup

Sixteen 'Soul-full'
Self-Empowering Lessons

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Master Coach Hu’s Self-mastery book’s exercises and anecdotes will teach you how to get in touch with your intuitive feelings, which is the key to positive change and paramount for anyone who desires to create empowered relationships.

The HuMan Handbook- Book on Angle Mockup

Guidebook for the...
Inner You

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In Master Coach Hu’s ‘Handbook’ he has captured the essence of famous self-help authors’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you to understand and implement.

“If you are researching which life coach to hire… never askthem. ‘How many years have you been a life coach?’ Instead ask them the same question you would if you were hiring a pilot, ‘How many hours do you have in the cockpit?’ This is important because a person could be a life coach for 20-years, but only have a few dozen hours of actual coaching field experience.”

-Sabrina Rose, Executive Director of HLC

It doesn’t matter which service...

It doesn’t matter which one of my transformational services you choose because each of them will positively affect your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, which will help you make the changes you desire.


Coach Hu

Master Coach Hu’s BIO in a Nutshell

Author | Master Coach | Founder of Holistic Learning Center

Hu earned his “Master Coach” recognition after three decades of field experience facilitating his trademarked self-growth exercises with hundreds of his coaching clients and certification students [people just like you], and he documented his healing discoveries in 14 professional life coach’s textbooks.

Since 1993, he has delivered over 10,000 one-on-one coaching sessions, and he used his field experience to develop his HuMethod™ Healing Modality. Master Coach Hu’s college level certification course teaches students to become professional Spiritual Life Coaches, and/or his students blend Hu’s clinically proven techniques into their own healing modalities.

To Download Master Coach Hu's Professional BIO

Personalized Coaching Sessions
with Master Coach Hu

Call the Office 888-452-0878, 9-5 Eastern,
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to Get Your Questions Answered By an HLC Staff Member

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  • Sessions are available in packages of 10, 15 or 20.
  • Sessions are held for sixty minutes via video conference.
  • Sample Session Option- for those looking to start with a small step.
  • You and your Coach will co-create a customized lesson plan that will help you achieve your self-help objectives quickly.
  • Your Coach will teach you how to permanently change your negative belief systems.
  • You will learn skills that will create an immediate impact on your communication and processing skills [effecting how you communicate your feelings to others and how to accurately process when others communicate to you].
  • You will learn how to tap into your innate multi-sensory abilities.
  • You will experience multi-sensory feeling exercises that increase your intuitive capabilities.
  • Plus, so much more…

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with personalized coaching sessions. Choose from packages of 10, 15, or 20 sessions to begin your path towards lasting change. Or start with a Sample Session for a glimpse of the profound impact a personalized coaching experience can have on your life.

With Master Coach Hu as your dedicated coach, you will co-create a tailored lesson plan to address your unique needs and objectives. Master Coach Hu will teach you powerful techniques to permanently shift negative belief systems and tap into your innate multi-sensory abilities. Through engaging exercises, you will learn to enhance your intuitive capabilities and unlock your true potential.

Master Coach Hu, renowned for his expertise, works with a limited number of clients. Contact the office to check availability and choose from one of the session package options. A staff member will then schedule a preliminary meeting with Coach Hu to discuss your goals. If space is unavailable, join our waiting list or opt to work with one of Master Coach Hu’s personally trained certified coaches.

Today is the day to start your healing journey and experience the transformative HuMethod™ Coaching System, designed to help you achieve your self-growth goals quickly and permanently.

Unsure if Life Coaching Sessions Can Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Then experience a SAMPLE SESSION which includes a transformational life coaching session with Master Coach Hu, plus excerpts and audios from three of his life-altering books.

Sample Session

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