Is Your Spiritual Partner Your Best Counselor Or Your Worst Critic?

If we view our spiritual partners as our best counselors rather than our worst critic, they will mirror back to us that which we most need to heal. The term mirroring means to see the external world as a mirror that reflects back to you the aspects of yourself that you can’t see directly. When you use life as a mirror, your experiences give you an instant, ongoing reflection of your Self.

The more you invest in developing loving, consciously awakened, soft, caring, open relationships, the more you’ll relax about your life. The more you relax about your life, the more your relationships will flow with effortless ease, and that is why being in a consciously awakened, spiritual relationship is a treasure beyond value.

Spiritual relationships require us to educate our Selves about the ways in which our spiritual partners were emotionally wounded. With this knowledge we can help them heal by avoiding words or deeds that unconsciously trigger their tender feelings. We can also help to deaccess them when they get emotionally triggered. Concurrently, this will help us to not take their “pain” caused by their emotional upset personally.

Intimacy creates emotional safety. When we feel safe and passionate, this creates the fertile ground in which spiritual relationships can blossom. Spiritual relationships are built upon emotional honesty, and emotional honesty takes courage. This kind of courage is built upon trust, which develops as spiritual partners learn, through experience, that within our relationship it is emotionally safe to share our feelings.

It is this trust and emotional safety which allows us to be emotionally intimate. And it is this emotional intimacy that transforms our spiritual relationships into “heaven on earth.”