Recovery/ 12 Steps Series – Step 6

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 7

We’re Entirely Ready to Have God Remove These Defects of Character …

By Knowing the Seven Spiritual Truths

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

I was going to do this Step 6 blog on ‘validation’ but Spirit spoke and I am being directed towards sharing with you how the HuMethod’s™ Seven Spiritual Truths have helped me navigate out of my ego’s mental maze of confusion into an acceptance of my divine birthright.

Whenever I am starting another step in my program, I take a look at the words in the Step and ask my Self if I really know what they mean.  Take the word ‘defect’.  I used to think that a defect meant that there was something inherently wrong with me – defective, not whole.  This definition was used by my ego to tell me over and over again that I was not good enough, that I didn’t have enough or that I didn’t do enough.  So I looked the word up and here’s what it means:  “The lack of something necessary or desirable for completion.”  Today I know that a defect is my ego blocking me from being who I am – a perfect adult of God.

When I meditated on how my E.G.O. blocks me and how these ‘blocks’ keep me trapped in a mental maze of ego-confusion, I saw that when I am willing to look at my ego-based delusions with emotional courage, truth and honesty, I am no longer blocked because I Am in harmony with the real inner me.   I turn to the Seven Spiritual Truths to help me navigate out of this ego confusion.

Truth One – “I have never made a mistake because I am Incapable of error or failure” tells me that I have done what I have done and allowed others to do what they do in order to learn, grow and evolve spiritually.  I’ve learned in program
that I don’t create a crisis and I don’t stop one from happening if it’s in the natural course of events.   What I perceive as an error is a mental justification, an excuse, to deny what I did, or a reason to blame another for what happened.  My ego-mind second guesses my actions which makes me ‘think’ I am guilty or wrong.  I know today that everything I did, I did to evolve spiritually.

Truth Two – “Most of my core foundational beliefs are rooted in….F.E.A.R.” How could they not be?  I live in a fear-driven,‘survival-of-the-fittest’ society.  Add to this my caretakers, whose foundational beliefs were rooted in fear, unconsciously passed these foundational fear beliefs on to me.  As I take my journey home to my Self, now is the time to claim my birthright – JOY. In order to do that I must be willing to clean the slate of my mind from my limiting, Self-defeating programs that have hindered me since childhood.  This requires me to look at what is blocking me from being who I AM.

Truth Three – “I have no enemies…just lessons.” I know today that when I perceive someone as an enemy, I’m doing that to justify my fear-based intentions and to create an excuse as to why I ‘think’ I failed or even worse, why it’s okay to keep
failing.  Assigning enemy status to someone or ‘something’ (like an addiction) allows me to go unconscious and  blocks me from the spiritual lesson that it was designed to teach me.  The worse I feel, the more enemies I’ll create, because as hard as it is to believe, these are actually teachers in disguise.

Truth Four  “As I spiritually ascend with truth, I bring to view more of my ego-based…avoidance patterns”. Every time I practice any of my steps I’m ascending. Have you ever gotten the feeling that sometimes it’s fruitless and pointless?  Do you sometimes feel like you’re never going to move forward?  I have.  This happens because if I’m unwilling to own the truth of what my ascension experience is allowing me to see, my false beliefs will cause me to involuntarily and consciously replicate the same pattern over and over again so that I receive another chance to see what Truth I denied so I can heal whatever needs to be healed or forgiven.  Yikes – so in order for me to ‘ascend’ I must be willing to Accept what is “as is”.  This requires me to See, Feel, and Correct my old fixed beliefs so that my life force energy is freed up.  Think of all of the energy it takes to hold a beach ball under water.  Once I let the ball up (accept the truth of what is “as is”) I am no longer struggling and I’ve freed up a lot of my own life force energy.

Truth Five – “I am never alone because…God is always with me.” There’s a difference between being “alone” and ‘feeling lonely’.  When I’m feeling lonely it’s because my ego has brought up unconscious negative beliefs and these beliefs make me feel separate instead of being interconnected.  When I am alone it’s a peaceful place for me to be – one with the God of my
understanding, my Higher Power.

Truth Six  “My spiritual growth requires….action.” How many times have I tried to NOT take the steps but receive the fruits of them?  I can think about things and talk about them, but I’ve got to walk the talk in order to bring them into expression.

Truth Seven – “I have….God-like abilities”. I had a lot of trouble with this one in the beginning.  I now know that it was my EGO trying to keep me from letting my light shine. In my family of origin, I couldn’t let my light shine because if I did I was being vain or boastful or conceited – which were all ‘bad words’.  Today I know that I am made in the image and likeness of God, and therefore I have God-like abilities.  It took me a long time to learn the difference between ‘playing’ God and Be-ing God-like.  The following quote from The HuMan Handbook explains what I understand about having God-like abilities:

“Live your life in such a way that those who know you,
But who don’t know God, will come to know God,
Because they know you.”

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Deborah Giddings, CSLC and Recovery Trainer
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