A Story about the EGO’s… Three Little “P’s”

Pursuing, Possessing and Protecting

The Source of my Happiness is
my Identification that… “I AM… Consciousness.

My EGO has developed numerous
ex cusas and stories about what make’s me Unhappy and Happy.

The EGO asks… ‘What do I need to Possess to be… Happy?’
Yet my Spirit knows that nothing in this world can make me Happy,
absolutely nothing and nothing means- No-Things!

The EGO says… ‘I can’t be Happy until… I Get It.’

But, when “I Get It” I feel good for a few minutes
and then my EGO con’s me into “Pursuing”
the next thing that might make me happy.

But even when I “I Get It”
the EGO becomes unhappy
thinking IT will lose IT,
so IT takes actions to “Protect IT”

But, when IT feels that I must “Protect IT“—
Again IT feels… Unhappy.

The Egoic Mind neuroticly needs to..
Pursue, Possess and Protect… IT.

But, the Truth is that only the Unawakwened Mind
waits for the world, achievements or possessions
to make him or her happy.

My Truth is that each moment that…
identify who ‘I AM’ and who the soul is
that ‘I AM’ communicating with is…

Consciousness… ‘I AM’ Happy!

TY God… Namasté

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo