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November 28, 2012

Coach’s Tip – How to Market Your Private Practice using HLC’s Website – Part 1

This week’s Coach’s Tip gives great insight as to how you can build your Coaching Practice by utilizing HLC’s Website. Next week I will provide additional tips for you so you can learn how you can utilize HLC’s Website to market your private coaching practice.HLC understands that when you’re a brand new coach you don’t have any validity because you don’t have any field experience. This means you must borrow the validity and experience from the school you graduated from. Using certain select pages from the website and pointing your potential new clients to them is you showing your clients that you did in fact graduate from a school with a reputation for excellence and a curriculum as developed such as Harvard University.

It’s perfectly okay for you to have a website of your own, but put these key links on your website until such time as you have 1,000+ hours of field experience.

Start out by letting your clients know Why HLC is Unique so they can start to understand the essence of the organization that you graduated from.

Remember, the links below don’t even take into account HLC’s free product of the month that is part of our Abundance Exchange program. This free product allows you to send your potential clients one free mastery product each month. Where else could you get thousands of dollars of free marketing products each year that explicitly demonstrate the depth and value of the work that you’ve been trained to facilitate.

 Click Here to learn more about Marketing Mastery.

How to Build Your Coaching Practice Utilizing HLC’s Website

By Hu Dalconzo, Certified Life Coach

First and foremost I am a Life Coach, so when we built HLC’s website one of my intentions was to make sure that it can be used by our life coach graduates to help them build their private life coach practices.

Below are six HLC website hyper-links that will bring you directly to pages that you can use to build your life coach practice. With very little effort you can blend these visual web pages into your maieutic clientele recruiting presentation. Using HLC’s website as part of your visual presentation will help you build your client base in the same way that HLC’s service educators do for HLC’s life coaches.

Use the Methodology, Why HLC is the Best and Clinical Testing pages to prove to your clients that you have mastered how to facilitate professional life coaching methods that will help them to create the permanent behavioral changes that they desire.

Self-Help Sampling: This page contains FREE info that your potential client can read, listen to and see. This page will make your job of registering your life coach clients much easier and which you can share with your potential clients FREE of charge [five recruiting articles; nine 12 minute audios mostly from the Self-mastery book; two visual testimonials; and a Seven Spiritual Truths power point presentation]

Blog: The blog tab has a history of past blogs that you can use to send your potential life coach clients to read about when you learn what they want to improve. [i.e.- Send them relationship blog links to educate them about how you will help them with their relationship issues via your life coaching sessions. Or if you are working with someone in recovery, point them to the 12-Step Blog Series.]

Stay Inspired: If you don’t send your own email newsletters then the second best thing you can do is to register your potential life coaching clients for HLC’s FREE weekly “Stay Inspired” communications because you never know what communication will stimulate them to hire you as their life coach.

Next week I’ll continue to share with you more pages you can use to market your private practice.

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November 14, 2012

Recovery/12 Step Series – Introduction

How To Walk the 12 Steps with The HuMethod™

Article 1- Introduction

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Welcome… to HLC’s new series of blogs that will show you how to deepen your 12-step Spiritual Journey by integrating the HuMethod™ Self-empowering coaching exercises.

I will begin by sharing that the HuMethod™ exercises are not the magic bullet to recovery. They are not magical, mystical or mysterious.  These exercises are sound, well field-tested educational exercises that create permanent behavioral change for anyone who uses them as prescribed.  These clinically proven self-help exercises can be used as additional tools to add to your recovery toolbox.

The HuMethod™ exercises don’t replace the 12 Steps, what they are is a bridge that you can take that will introduce you to advanced recovery tools that will enhance and accelerate your recovery journey.

In the weeks to come I, and others familiar with the HuMethod™, will share with you how the HuMethod™ exercises acted as a bridge with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to transform our lives.  These exercises take the abstract concept of Recovery Mastery and break it down piece by piece into a step-by-step, easy to understand, specific set of emotional, psychological and spiritual self-nurturing exercises which, when incorporated into the 12-step journey, can bring you to a level of conscious awareness that you never imagined possible.

Additionally, the HuMethod™ Recovery “tools” can enhance recovery coaches and addiction counselors healing methods by training them on clinically proven, field-tested exercises to help their clients create the permanent behavioral changes that they seek.

Each of these Recovery/12 Step Blogs will educate you how you can integrate one or more of the HuMethod™ exercises to deepen your understanding of the 12 Steps so you can create the permanent behavioral changes that you seek. The HuMethod™
exercises include:

• Self-mastery exercises
• Multi-sensory
• Intuitive exercise
• Meditative exercise
• Advanced Life Skill exercise
• Diagnostic exercises
• Self-parenting exercises
• Dis-creation exercises
• Ego-mind Training exercises

The next Recovery/12 Step Blog will focus on Step 1.  I will share with you that when I surrendered and accepted my powerlessness I started to become conscious and years later when I integrated the HuMethod™ I….you know what, I’ll save that for the next blog on how the Spiritual Distinction exercise enhanced my journey into the first step.

Thank you for joining us to learn and share with others how the HuMethod™ exercises has deepened our Step 1 journey, and how you, too, can use these same clinically proven self-help tools to enhance your personal Recovery.

Stay connected… with HLC by:
Joining our Stay Inspired mailing list [click here]
“LIKE” HLC on Facebook [click here] Where you will receive daily coaching updates, words of wisdom and special savings offers.

I’m looking forward to starting this journey with all of you.


Deborah Giddings, CSLC


Deborah Giddings, CSLC and Recovery Trainer
If you seek Recovery Coaching help for yourself or for a family member, if you are an HLC CSLC or CIT, an addiction counselor or a recovery coach, or if you are in Al-Anon, AA, OA, GA, NA, SLA (or any other “A”) and you want to mastermind with Deborah you can contact Deborah directly via her email debcoaching11@yahoo.com.  Deborah is also available for speaking engagements to share how her recovery journey was transformed by emotionalizing the HuMethod™ exercises.

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