Face it. Affirmations Alone Don’t Work!

Adapted from the book Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self”
-by Certified Life Coach Hu Dalconzo, Copyright © 2002

Many people who have watched The Secret DVD, listened to The Secret CDs or read The Secret Book have experienced trying to make the Law of Attraction work for them, only to be disappointed. I wrote this article to let you know why it did not and what you can do to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

I first learned about the power of affirmations and visualization techniques and the Law of Attraction over 20 years ago. The affirmation process is based on the following concept: thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create habits, habits create beliefs, belief systems create human identities, and your human identities create your reality.

I embraced this concept and spent a great deal of time, effort, and money studying everything I could on this subject in an attempt to create the reality I wanted. The majority of the self-improvement courses, books, and tapes taught me various methods of how to visualize and affirm what I wanted to create. Many of these techniques can be found on the The Secret materials.

I meditated and visualized hundreds of positive affirmations daily. I listened to hours upon hours of my own voice affirming what I wanted on an endless loop tape! I did mirror affirmations three times a day. I told myself that saying or thinking something negative was worse than saying a four-letter word. I really thought that AFFIRMATIONS SHOULD WORK, but they weren’t working for me. I felt disappointed because I did not understand why affirmations weren’t working for me. It became painfully evident that affirmations, alone, were disappointedly ineffective at creating the reality I wanted.

In order for the affirmation, alone, concept to work you must have had a life with functional role models, devoid of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. Your mind would have to be a clean slate… free of past pain, loss, and dysfunctional experiences. Unfortunately many self-help gurus don’t teach you to clean the slate of your mind first. Instead, many self-help gurus teach that you can “PILE ON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past and still create the reality you want. As I discovered, the “PILE IT ON” theory, alone, just doesn’t work!

If you watched The Secret movie you will know that it teaches you to change your negative thoughts to positive ones, but there’s no mention of ever addressing the pain of your past. Without healing your past, to create a clean slate of mind, you will continue to PILE IT ON. This is very important for all of us to practice in an effort to SAVE… the Humans!™ one at a time starting with mine.

In fact, the more affirmations you say that do not create the reality you want, the dirtier the slate of your mind becomes. The average person’s mind is cluttered with contradictory information. This inhibits the input of positive new affirmations because of the Law of the Universe that states: “Nothing changes until IT becomes what it is!” This means that you need to see the whole truth, as it is, without judgment, regret, or shame before affirmations will work for you! You will not create permanent positive change in your life until you learn how to clean the slate of your mind! Doing affirmations without cleaning your mind… is like putting on a clean white shirt before taking a shower!

Namaste’, my soul friends

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