What is Self-Mastery E-Book

What is Self-Mastery E-Book

Good question. Let's begin by defining the words "Self" and "Mastery".

When people first hear the term SELF-MASTERY, they usually associate it with perfectionism or with highly evolved beings such as Buddha or Jesus. Self-mastery is not about perfectionism, nor do you have to be as evolved as Buddha or Jesus to be Self-mastered. If I sent you on a quest to find "the perfect tree", after some investigation and discussion you would probably conclude that there is no such thing as one perfect tree. It is the same with human beings...we are all perfect in our own unique way.

This concept applies in the same way to Self-mastery. Your quest is to be the most perfect you that you can be. You are unique unto the universe, and as such, your self-actualization will manifest as you master the perfection that is within you. Your Self-mastery cannot be picked in someone else's garden!

*The content from this E-book, along with 16 other lessons is also found in the Self-Mastery…a Journey Home to Yourself textbook [click here].

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