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Truisms for Real Life


Master Coach Hu Dalconzo utilized his two decades of professional field experience to piece together life-altering truisms that contain all the essential lessons of how to live a Self-mastered life. Coach Hu’s talent as an author is his ability to deliver these abstract concepts in easy-to-understand language. After decades of studying mastery principles, Coach Hu has captured the core essence of famous self-help authors’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you to understand and implement.

“It doesn't matter where you are on your Self-mastery journey because The HuMan Handbook’s transformational truisms are easily understood by everyone. This book was written to literally be a “hand-book” because it is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can use it when you need to ground your Self into the Be-Here-Now. Namaste.”



-Coach Deborah Giddings

“This inspirational “handbook” simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format,
so that they can be treasured by the novice
as well as the seasoned self-help sage.”
-Albert Tufa, PhD

This empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the changes that are needed to manifest the reality you desire. The HuMan Handbook covers a wide range of lessons from Presence and Beliefs to Self-Acceptance and Approval, to the Law of Detachment, to Boundaries and Forgiveness plus many more. In each chapter, The HuMan Handbook describes in detail the concept of each lesson and then how to apply it to your life now.

  • It doesn't matter where you are on your Self-mastery journey because these truisms are easily understood by everyone.
  • The HuMan Handbook was designed to supply you with quick, daily transformational affirmations to start your day or when you feel stress out and disconnected from the inner you.
  • The HuMan Handbook allows you to carry spiritual wisdom in your back pocket.
  • The HuMan Handbook transcends all religious backgrounds to a place where we are all One.
  • Reading… The HuMan Handbook… will ground you quickly.
  • The HuMan Handbook can be used as an oracle for inner guidance – just ground, ask, and open to any page and you will find the answer you seek.
  • The HuMan Handbook makes a wonderful reference book to start a family member on their path of empowerment.
  • The HuMan Handbook can be used as a tool to help you Meditate, Contemplate, Implement & Prosper.
  • Life Coaches can give it to give to their clients and potential clients as a T-Up for private sessions.
  • Life Coaches can use in their book study groups as an introduction or continuation of their group's Spiritual journey.
  • Life Coaches can select individual transformational chapters or truism and maieuticly use them to help clients heal specific issues.
  • Life Coaches can use it to create an insightful discussion that deepens your client's inner awareness.
  • Life Coaches can use it as a one-minute grounding tool to use with clients before beginning a session.

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