Video Proof Why You Can Be Successful

These Short Videos Prove Why HLC’s
HuMethod™ Proprietary & Trademarked Coaching
Exercises Will Help You Be Successful!

These short Videos were recorded by HLC
graduates, and they share how they use the
HuMethod™ Trademarked Coaching Exercises
that HLC has been field-testing since 1993 to
build their successful practices,
and why you can too!

The HLC Difference is...
You Get the Best of Both Worlds

You will be taught the spiritual philosophy of over 100 famous self-help authors such as Tolle, Chopra, Dyer, Etc. combined with HLC’s proprietary Success System and Proven Transformational Coaching Exercises. This system will help you achieve success in reaching your professional goals. Learning philosophy combined with an actionable proven system is important because philosophical concepts ‘ALONE’ will not professionally prepare you to do the work you love and were born to do.

COACH ROSA-will teach you why HLC’s DIS-CREATION COACHING EXERCISES will clean the slate of your clients’ negative beliefs, so they can UN-LEARN what they need to, in order to create the life that they deeply desire. This will increase your clients Inner Awareness about what they need to transcend. Do you understand why this will help you build a successful practice so you can do the work you were born to do?

COACH LORIE- explains why HLC’s MAIEUTIC COACHING METHOD is based on the transformational concept that your coaching clients possess an innate understanding of their Inner Truth sufficient to remedy it, which validates their Inner Self-awareness. This is why HLC’s HuMethod™ exercises will help you become a successful life coach.

COACH SAHAYA- shares why she uses HLC’s DIAGNOSTIC TESTING COACHING EXERCISES to determine what the most effective HLC’s exercises are to help her clients achieve their self-growth goals. She uses the results as accountability goals to prove to her clients that their reasons for hiring her are being achieved. You will be taught how to use these same Diagnostic Testing Exercises. Do you understand why this will help you build a strong referral-based coaching practice?

Learn About HLC’s Licensing Course

It’s the Best Coaching course in the Self-help Industry Designed to Jumpstart Your Success By Teaching You:

  1. Cutting Edge and Proprietary Facilitation Techniques
  2. How to Facilitate Clinically Proven Trademarked Self-growth Exercises that will quickly Increase your confidence as a coach and dramatically increase your income

Did You Know?

50% of HLC’s Certification Students
are already Holistic Practitioners
who Enroll to Expand their
Professional Client Services and Income

Are You Ready To Earn a Great Living Doing Your Calling?

Are you ready to upgrade your holistic practice or launch your transformational coaching practice by learning how to facilitate Clinically Proven, Trademarked Healing Exercises with the #1 Transformational Life Coaching School in North America? 

Since 1993 HLC has been field-testing life-altering coaching exercises that have been proven with souls who are just like you to help the greatest number of coaching clients, achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time. Do you understand how HLC’s decades of successful field experience will positively affect your success?

During HLC’s Interactive Certification Course semester you will practice how to facilitate clinically field-tested [and trademarked] HuMethod™ Coaching Exercises with your instructor and fellow students. Do you understand why HLC’s 18-week semester, which is focused on giving you the field experience that you need to be successful, will prepare you to hit the ground running after you graduate?

Do you understand why HLC’s certification course,
which is focused on giving you the field experience that you need to be successful,
will prepare you to hit the ground running after you graduate?