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Educational Support

Add-on Product For All Independent Study Courses & Modules

This Support Package Includes:

  • A Virtual Session

    Join your HLC-certified instructor virtually using video and screensharing support tools to guide you through the course. 

  • 50 Minute Session

    Every session is customized based on your specific educational needs. 

  • 1 Year to Use

    Students have up to one year to use all support sessions. 

  • All Independent Study Courses Apply

    Sessions can be used with ANY HLC independent study certification or certificate course.

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Package Amount- 1


HLC’s educational packages are excellent if you want to gain the additional support of a live interaction with a certified HLC Instructor. This one-on-one support will help you get the most value from your course. You can invest in these supportive training sessions upon enrollment or add them afterward should you decide you need additional help.

The More Sessions You Invest In, the Greater the Discount:

  • 1 Instructional Support Session is $150.
  • 5 Instructional Support Sessions is $125 per session [$625].
  • 10 Instructional Support Sessions is $100 per session [$1,000].