Self-Mastery, a Journey Home To Your Inner Self

A Life Coaching Textbook for the Next Millennium

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Accelerate Your
Self-Actualization Process


Imagine how much time it would save you if an author invested over 25-years compiling research about the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus and philosophers of the last 2500 years. What if this author took the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes and philosophies and blended them together into sixteen easy to understand spiritual Self-mastery lessons to help you accelerate your integration of these mastery principles?

“Master Hu’s Self-mastery book’s exercises and anecdotes will teach you how to get in touch with your intuitive feelings, which is truly the key to spiritual transcendence and paramount for anyone who desires to create a spiritually awakened, loving relationship, especially the relationship we all need to have with our Inner Self."
-Jane Christ, CHSC, NCMT

“If you emotionalize Master Hu’s “soul-full” Self-mastery lessons you will attain the peace of mind that comes when you transcend enlightenment and manifest it into your own Self-empowered action plan,  which will unite you as one spirit in the Namaste consciousness.”
-Cheryl Delbridge, MD FCAP

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo wrote Self-Mastery...A Journey Home to Your Inner Self in 1998 and it has been an underground success ever since. Coach Hu used his 25,000 Life Coaching hours of field experience to make sure that the Self-mastery book would be easy to understand, implement and integrate into your life and his clients' lives. HLC’s Life Coaching certification graduates also use this inspiring book to empower their clients and themselves.

Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Inner Self has been an underground success for the same reason why the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has been a national bestseller for decades. It contains success principles taken from hundreds of gurus and spiritual leaders.

These proven mastery principles will accelerate your self-actualization process by helping you to quickly integrate these self-empowering exercises into your everyday life.

Coach Hu’s talent as an author lies in the fact that he delivers these abstract concepts to you in an easy to understand set of sixteen Self-mastery lessons that contain self-help exercises, which you can use to manifest your goals and intentions. After decades of studying these mastery principles, Coach Hu has captured the core essence of these magnanimous leaders’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you or your Coaching client to understand and implement.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • LESSON 1- What is… Self-mastery?
  • LESSON 2- Why Affirmations “Alone” Don’t Work
  • LESSON 3- The Conscious Creation Process
  • LESSON 4- The Language of Feelings
  • LESSON 5- Self-parenting
  • LESSON 6- Spiritual Relationships
  • LESSON 7- Is Your Ego Mind Your Master?
  • LESSON 8- The Metaphysics of Unconscious Creation
  • LESSON 9- Spiritual Distinction Meditation
  • LESSON 10- The Disciplinas – One Hundred Self-mastery Benefits!
  • LESSON 11- Money Mastery
  • LESSON 12- Weight Mastery
  • Lesson 13- Parenting Mastery
  • LESSON 14- Karma and Dharma
  • LESSON 15- The TRUTH and nothing but the truth
  • LESSON 16- Self-mastery Lessons in a Nutshell
  • Epilogue- SAVE the Humans!
  • Bibliography & Recommended Reading
  • About the Cover Artist
  • Teacher’s Educational Study Guide
  • Index
  • Mission Of Holistic Learning Centers
  • Are You Willing To Be Part Of The Solution/ Inner-Net Of One
  • Life Coach’s Poem
  • About The Author
  • The Human Handbook
  • Seven Spiritual Truths

In this video from one of Master Coach Hu's Legacy series, Coach Hu explains how HuMethod certification students use the coach's textbook, Self-Mastery, a Journey Home to Your Inner Self to help their coaching clients achieve the greatest amount of improvement in the shortest period of time.

Accelerate Your Self-Actualization Process


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