Master Coach Hu's
Tri-Pack of Coaching & Self-Help Books

Master Coach Hu’s most popular Coaching and self-help books are now available together. Be excited and awed by The Awakening’s transformational love story, uncover seven truths that are the catalyst for change, and be ready to view life differently with a handbook of truisms that reveal how to live a Self-mastered life in an easy-to-understand way.

Surrender Who You Are, For Who You Could Be

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The Awakening, a Transformation Love Story

Master Coach Hu's Amazon #1 BEST SELLER

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The Awakening Unfolds on Three Interwoven Levels:

  • The Love Story - experienced by the two main characters Paula and Mark
  • The Vision Quest Action Adventures - where the characters transcend time and space as they are catapulted to all corners of the world, and
  • The Life-Altering Coaching Lessons, which are explained in simple terms that you can apply to your life NOW.

All the experiences described in The Awakening a Transformational Love Story are drawn from the lives of real people who the author, Master Coach Hu Dalconzo, worked with over several decades of his Spiritual Life Coaching career.  One of the Self-empowering gifts of this book is that you will learn important Self-mastery skills as the characters learn how to transcend their psycho-spiritual, life challenges.

The Law of Attraction is set into motion by an unspeakable tragedy. Through his grief, a young man is drawn to his spiritual teacher. Together, they discover the closest thing to heaven on earth, a Consciously Awakened, Loving Relationship. Tormented by grief and loss, Mark Celli makes the decision to end his life when, unexpectedly, the life of his spiritual teacher, Paula, is plunged into grave danger. During a heart-pounding rescue, Mark and Paula realize that their bond transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime.

Paula’s near-death vision reveals ancient Universal Truths, which causes the spiritual partners to travel across space and time to the Source of Love. What they find there may just help save humanity. As each Secret of Transformational Awakening is revealed, you will be infused with a new-found enthusiasm for living a more empowered life. After completing this life-altering course it will be impossible for you to view the world in quite the same way ever again.

The Awakening Book’s Empowering Lessons Will Teach You:

  • Why it is important not to deny any element of your personal history
  • About the polarized struggle, where your ego tries to preserve your separateness and why your Spirit seeks to merge into the unity of all things
  • Why one of the biggest challenges of life is to not mistake the image of reality for reality itself
  • How to free yourself from the hallucinations of an ego-dominated self, and instead, help you identify who you are as Consciousness
  • Accept the fact that there is a Universal Intelligence greater than your ego-intellect, and when you surrender to its power that is when spontaneous manifestation happens, and your ego-mind isn’t doing it

Remember that you are eligible to receive a *tuition credit towards the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course [CSLC]. Plus, ALL of your Spiritual Transformation Course submissions can be transferred to help you meet your certification program requirements for up to one year.

Seven Spiritual Truths

Use Like a Compass, To Guide You Back To Your Inner Self

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Master Coach Hu Dalconzo spent decades of research to uncover and develop these seven core truths that are found across many religions and philosophies worldwide. Although these different world perspectives phrase them differently, the essence of these truths are always the same. These seven truths are the core reason why HLC Coaching clients can transform their beliefs.


These empowering Spiritual Truths
have a tendency to scare people,
because they collide with their
“fixed” programming,
which for most of us,
is fear-based and self-defeating.

"These empowering lessons are for
the evolution of our immortal souls
and we want to pass them along to all
of you to be the catalyst to make life changes now."

-Master Coach Hu

Master Coach Hu's hope is that you will use these Seven Spiritual Truths, the way you would use a compass, to guide you back to your inner Self anytime you feel lost or disconnected. For many of you... it will be like nothing you have ever read before.

  • How to transcend your self-limiting beliefs because many of us were raised by caretakers who were ignorant of how the Laws of Life
  • To accept that Life is filled with painful lessons that need to be learned, and karma that needs to be burned, which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Why your ego is extremely subtle and deceptive at stopping you from doing what you need to do to succeed, and how to train IT to be your servant, as opposed to being your master.
  • How to dis-create your negative beliefs from your subconscious mind, and consciously create new empowering beliefs that will help you create the life that you have always imagined.
  • How to refer to the Seven Spiritual Truths when you feel psycho-spiritually triggered, so you can use it like a Compass, to navigate out of your negative space, so you can quickly return to a Self-empowered state of mind.

The HuMan Handbook

Truisms for Real Life

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Master Coach Hu Dalconzo utilized his two decades of professional field experience to piece together life-altering truisms that contain all the essential lessons of how to live a Self-mastered life. This inspirational “handbook” simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format so that they can be treasured by the novice as well as the seasoned self-help sage. The HuMan Handbook contains the essence of the core principles as taught in Hu’s extensive Life Coaching textbook titled Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self.

“It doesn't matter where you are on your Self-mastery journey because The HuMan Handbook’s transformational truisms are easily understood by everyone. This book was written to literally be a “hand-book” because it is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can use it when you need to ground your Self into the Be-Here-Now. Namaste.”



-Coach Deborah Giddings

Coach Hu’s talent as an author lies in the fact that he delivers these abstract concepts to you in an easy to understand language. After decades of studying mastery principles, Coach Hu has captured the core essence of famous self-help authors’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you to understand and implement.

This empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the changes that are needed to manifest the reality you desire. The HuMan Handbook covers a wide range of lessons from Presence and Beliefs to Self-Acceptance and Approval, to the Law of Detachment, to Boundaries and Forgiveness plus many more. In each chapter, The HuMan Handbook describes in detail the concept of each lesson and then how to apply it to your life now.

  • It doesn't matter where you are on your Self-mastery journey because these truisms are easily understood by everyone. 
  • The HuMan Handbook was designed to supply you with quick, daily transformational affirmations to start your day or when you feel stress out and disconnected from the inner you.
  • The HuMan Handbook allows you to carry spiritual wisdom in your back pocket.
  • The HuMan Handbook transcends all religious backgrounds to a place where we are all One.
  • Reading… The HuMan Handbook… will ground you quickly.
  • The HuMan Handbook can be used as an oracle for inner guidance – just ground, ask, and open to any page and you will find the answer you seek.
  • The HuMan Handbook makes a wonderful reference book to start a family member on their path of empowerment.
  • The HuMan Handbook can be used as a tool to help you Meditate, Contemplate, Implement & Prosper.
  • Life Coaches can give it to give to their clients and potential clients as a T-Up for private sessions.
  • Life Coaches can use in their book study groups as an introduction or continuation of their group's Spiritual journey.
  • Life Coaches can select individual transformational chapters or truism and maieuticly use them to help clients heal specific issues.
  • Life Coaches can use it to create an insightful discussion that deepens your client's inner awareness.
  • Life Coaches can use it as a one-minute grounding tool to use with clients before beginning a session.

Surrender Who You Are, For Who You Could Be

Original price was: $50.85.Current price is: $45.85.

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