Spiritual Transformation

Independent Study Certificate Course

Subset Module of the Coaching Certification Program

Master Coach Hu’s Spiritual Transformation Course was created for students who want to experience advanced Transformative Coaching Methods comparable with those taught by influential spiritual leaders, gurus, and sages such as Ram Dass, Tolle, Singer, Dyer and Chopra to name just a few.

“Trans-form-ation means ‘to go beyond form’ to a level of conscious understanding
that the real you exists beyond the physical form of your human body and mind.”

-Master Coach Hu

The following track comes from the Seven Spiritual Truths' Introduction. In it, Master Coach Hu discusses why transformation requires a shift in consciousness.


If You…

  • Seek a greater understanding of the real you, which is the aspect of you that witnesses what you experience
  • Have a deep desire to understand what your spiritual purpose for taking a human birth is
  • Are willing to comment to do this course’s life-altering exercises to deep dive into the reasons why you do the things that you do…

Then this course will help you Paradigm Shift into a Higher Plane of Reality, and your psycho-spiritual rewards will be that you will permanently alter the way you- Feel,Think and Act.

Included Textbooks

These life-altering textbooks are part of the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaching course [CSLC] and are designed for Holistic Healers who seek self-empowerment for themselves and their clients. Since the Spiritual Transformation course is a module of the CSLC, you have the option to matriculate to the certification course and receive tuition and assignment credits.

  • Seven Spiritual Truths- Book on Angle Mockup

    Seven Spiritual Truths

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  • The Awakening- Book on Angle Mockup

    The Awakening a Transformational Love Story

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The Spiritual Transformation Course is Life-Altering Because:

  • 1
    You will learn how to transcend your unique psycho-spiritual karmic ‘learns and burns’.
  • 2
    You will discover your innate capacity to heal and the specific steps to take to “clean the slate” and create what you want.
  • 3
    It teaches you to integrate these powerful techniques into other holistic healing modalities.

Course Details

Course Details

  • Course Type- Independent Study
  • Course Length- Self-paced. The student has 1 year to submit course requirements for their certificate of completion
  • Pre-Requisite- None. This module can be taken individually or as part of the Spiritual Life Coaching certification course
  • Tuition Credit- Available tuition credit if the student choices to matriculate to the next module or the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification course
  • Requirements Credit- If the student matriculates into the Spiritual Life Coaching certification course, course assignments can be transferred

Included Materials

Included Materials

  • The Awakening, a Transformational Love Story softcover
  • Seven Spiritual Truths softcover and audiobook
  • Course Syllabus and Instructions
  • Spiritual Transformation Life Coaching Certificate of Completion 
  • *Included Eligibility to Be an AADP Board Member- If you matriculate to the Spiritual Life Coaching Course, the requirements from this course will count towards fulfilling the board requirements to be an AADP Board Certified Member.

The Key to YOUR Success Is Commitment

The Moment you Commit the Universe Aligns to Help You;
whereas hesitancy, the chance to draw back, creates feelings of loss and ineffectiveness.
The Truth is if you have the Courage to Commit to Fulfill Your Spiritual Reason for Living
then in a few short months you will be able to say with a big smile on your face…
Thank God that I Committed To Do The Work I Was Born To Do.”

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The Awakening, a Transformation Love Story

Master Coach Hu's Amazon #1 BEST SELLER

The Awakening- Book on Angle Mockup

The Awakening Unfolds on Three Interwoven Levels:

  • The Love Story - experienced by the two main characters Paula and Mark
  • The Vision Quest Action Adventures - where the characters transcend time and space as they are catapulted to all corners of the world, and
  • The Life-Altering Coaching Lessons, which are explained in simple terms that you can apply to your life NOW.

All the experiences described in The Awakening a Transformational Love Story are drawn from the lives of real people who the author, Master Coach Hu Dalconzo, worked with over several decades of his Spiritual Life Coaching career.  One of the Self-empowering gifts of this book is that you will learn important Self-mastery skills as the characters learn how to transcend their psycho-spiritual, life challenges.

The Law of Attraction is set into motion by an unspeakable tragedy. Through his grief, a young man is drawn to his spiritual teacher. Together, they discover the closest thing to heaven on earth, a Consciously Awakened, Loving Relationship. Tormented by grief and loss, Mark Celli makes the decision to end his life when, unexpectedly, the life of his spiritual teacher, Paula, is plunged into grave danger. During a heart-pounding rescue, Mark and Paula realize that their bond transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime.

Paula’s near-death vision reveals ancient Universal Truths, which causes the spiritual partners to travel across space and time to the Source of Love. What they find there may just help save humanity. As each Secret of Transformational Awakening is revealed, you will be infused with a new-found enthusiasm for living a more empowered life. After completing this life-altering course it will be impossible for you to view the world in quite the same way ever again.

The Awakening Book’s Empowering Lessons Will Teach You:

  • Why it is important not to deny any element of your personal history
  • About the polarized struggle, where your ego tries to preserve your separateness and why your Spirit seeks to merge into the unity of all things
  • Why one of the biggest challenges of life is to not mistake the image of reality for reality itself
  • How to free yourself from the hallucinations of an ego-dominated self, and instead, help you identify who you are as Consciousness
  • Accept the fact that there is a Universal Intelligence greater than your ego-intellect, and when you surrender to its power that is when spontaneous manifestation happens, and your ego-mind isn’t doing it

Remember that you are eligible to receive a *tuition credit towards the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course [CSLC]. Plus, ALL of your Spiritual Transformation Course submissions can be transferred to help you meet your certification program requirements for up to one year.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Prologue The God Source Knew
  • The Dark Night of the Soul Most Souls
  • Spiritually Awaken After Experiencing a Tragedy
  • It’s Darkest Before the Dawn
  • And That Was When I Carried You
  • The First Day of This Life
  • Birds of a Feather, Reincarnate Together
  • Spiritual Partnerships Beginnings Are Usually Scary
  • It’s All Perfect, Can’t You See?
  • The Universal Law of Cause and Effect
  • Awakening is Paradoxical The
  • Transformation Begins
  • Are You Willing? 90% of Life Is Just Showing Up
  • Spiritual Distinction Can You Feel the Difference?
  • The Five Disciplines of the Initiate The
  • Empowerment Energy that Fuels Your Life
  • You Are a Vibrational BEing
  • The Secrets of Vibrational Transformation
  • Dig One Deep Well
  • Do You Seek Mastery or Mediocrity?
  • Self-Parenting Mastery
  • Only You Can Give You What You Didn’t Get
  • Spiritual Communications
  • Using the Language of Your Intuitive Heart
  • Dis-Creation is the Missing Link You Need to Clean Your Mind of Negative Programming
  • The Magic of Emotionalizing Makes Your Changes Permanent
  • Transcending Your Incarnational Story
  • You Are Not The Story That You Are Experiencing
  • Sometimes Dreams Do Come True
  • Conscious Relationships are the Closest Thing to Heaven
    You Can Experience on Earth
  • Do The Work You Love
  • Ancient Scrolls of Transformational Awakening
  • Epilogue
  • About the Author
  • Start A Book Study Group
  • SAVE the… HuMans
  • Inner Net of ONE Monthly Abundance Exchange
  • The HuMan Handbook
  • Seven Spiritual Truths

Seven Spiritual Truths

Seven Spiritual Truths- Book on Angle Mockup

Seven Spiritual Truths' Empowering Lessons Will Teach You:

  • How to transcend your self-limiting beliefs because many of us were raised by caretakers who were ignorant of how the Laws of Life
  • To accept that Life is filled with painful lessons that need to be learned, and karma that needs to be burned, which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Why your ego is extremely subtle and deceptive at stopping you from doing what you need to do to succeed, and how to train IT to be your servant, as opposed to being your master.
  • How to dis-create your negative beliefs from your subconscious mind, and consciously create new empowering beliefs that will help you create the life that you have always imagined.
  • How to refer to the Seven Spiritual Truths when you feel psycho-spiritually triggered, so you can use it like a Compass, to navigate out of your negative space, so you can quickly return to a Self-empowered state of mind.

Table of Contents

  • Prologue SAVE the… HuMansTM
  • Introduction About The Seven Spiritual Truths
  • The First Truth No Mistakes
  • The Second Truth Most of Your Beliefs are Fear-based
  • The Third Truth No Enemies, Just Lessons
  • The Fourth Truth Spiritual Ascensions Create
  • The Fifth Truth God Is Always With You
  • The Sixth Truth Growth Requires Action
  • The Seventh Truth You Have Godlike Powers
  • What Do You Do Now Be a Conscious Householder
  • Epilogue Are You Ready To Change?

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