Seven Unique Benefits

There are so-called spiritual life coaching schools whose tuition fee to be a “Master Coach” is $45, which would be funny if this false advertising lie didn’t sell to tens of thousands of holistic souls who will inevitably waste their money. Can you imagine if you saw an Ad or a Website that said, “Become a Master Chef for $45”? You would laugh out loud knowing that it takes years and years to become a “master” at anything.

The same holds true with transformational master coaches such as Master Coach Hu. He earned the title “master coach” after he wrote 13 “how to” spiritual life coach’s textbooks plus one transformational novel and facilitated over 10,000 1-on-1 transformational coaching sessions.

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Then on the opposite side of the tuition cost perceptive you have the famous internationally known authors such as Tolle and Chopra, who are excellent conscious awareness teachers.

If you register for all of their courses and attend their retreats you will need to invest between
$15-$20,000 in tuition fees, which does not include airfare and hotel expenses.

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Here are three reasons why an HLC education offers you the… Best of Both Worlds.

First, you will SAVE thousands of dollars compared to what other famous authors such as Tolle and Chopra charge.

Second, you will receive the Conscious Awareness Education based on the research of over a hundred famous authors, spiritual leaders, and gurus including Tolle, Chopra, Dyer, Brene Brown, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton to name just six.

The third, and most important reason, is that HLC offers you a unique educational curriculum with “on-the-job training” that includes hands-on role-playing facilitation practice that students like you need to build a successful practice.

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It’s the Best Coaching course in the Self-help Industry Designed to Jumpstart Your Success By Teaching You:

  1. Cutting Edge and Proprietary Facilitation Techniques
  2. How to Facilitate Clinically Proven Trademarked Self-growth Exercises that will quickly Increase your confidence as a coach and dramatically increase your income

Seven Unique Benefits

HLC’s Transformational Certification Students Receive

Seven Unique Benefits: