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HLC's FREE Coaching course is comprised of Coaching lessons and exercises taken directly from the Spiritual Life Coaching certification program, nothing is watered down. If you are a student researching if Coaching is right for you, or if HLC is the right program for you, this is a great place to start.

With Spiritual Life Coaching you can earn a living making a positive impact on people by teaching them advanced life skills like Relationship Mastery, Money Mastery, and Communication Mastery. In this free course, you will get a glimpse of different lessons HLC Coaches use to empower their clients to make permanent lasting changes in their lives.

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Every Successful Coach Needs To Know

What makes HLC Coaches create a deep and lasting impact, is their ability to show clients how to permanently change their behavior, even if it’s stemming from deep within their past. This Coach’s free audio course, SIX SECRETS Every Successful Coach Needs To Know, gives you a look at exclusive Coaching lessons taken directly from the certification program. Coaching lessons like, why affirmations alone don’t work, how to use the laws of manifestation to create the life you want, how to develop your self-image, how to protect your boundaries, plus more.

As a BONUS, your Coach’s Free audio course comes with an additional series that explains how to develop the Coaching skills you already have, and how to use them with clients, family, friends, and most importantly your inner-Self. Check your spam or junk folder if you don't see them.

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