Is Now a Good Time For Coaching?

There has never been a better time to be a certified Coach. The last few years have truly emphasized the importance of mental health and the flexibility of working remotely. There has been a profound shift in people wanting to make a true difference by helping others and simultaneously wanting to increase their own quality of life by taking their career online.

With Spiritual Life Coaching, you can do both! Create powerful, life-changing impacts on people, while dramatically increasing your quality of life and bringing your practice remote. HLC’s courses are not based on the philosophy of any given subject. The goal is to teach you high-performance habits and skills to teach you how to effectively create change in others. Possessing these skills will exponentially build your clientele. HLC’s course does this by equipping you with tangible tools, clinically tested educational techniques and powerful classes where you not only learn the lesson but go through it on yourself.

This industry grows every year and shows no sign of slowing down. People are looking for Coaches, will you be the one to answer the call?    

The Staff at HLC Are Often Asked...

“I would really love to make Spiritual Life Coaching my career, but can I really make a full-time living from it?


Taken from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Price Waterhouse Accounting Firm & Time Magazine

  • 1

    Life Coaching is a… $2.85 Billion Dollar Industry

  • 2

    There Are Over…31,000 Life Coaches filing Taxes in the USA

  • 3

    Life Coaches Earn On Average … $58,120 Per Year

  • 4

    Many Professionally Trained Life Coaches Tax Returns Show That They Earn Six-Figure incomes and on average… $97,910+

  • 5

    HLC Certified Coaches Charge… $100-$500 Per Coaching Session and on average $150

Business Development Support

Whether you are a practitioner with an established practice or developing a practice from the ground up, HLC's business and marketing support will be key in launching your practice.  In fact, many students implement this education immediately and register paying clients during school and others as soon as they graduate. 

  • Upgrade Your Practice

    Learn how to launch or upgrade your practice with one-on-one marketing training with an experienced HLC coach.

  • Free Coaching Lessons to Pass Onto Clients

    Be given monthly FREE Coaching e-Books and audiobooks to share with your prospective Coaching clients to show them the empowering work you would be using with them. 

  • Learn Marketing Strategies

    Learn marketing strategies used by world-class Coaches, such as their motivational secrets of how people think, act, and behave, which will help you acquire your Coaching clients.

  • Learn Public Speaking & Group Coaching

    Learn how to facilitate your own workshops and group coaching… if public speaking is your calling.

  • Promotion of Your Private Practice

    HLC’s Spiritual Life Coaching Certification course includes the promotion of a graduate’s private practice 2X a year with our sangha community, this includes social media! 

  • Bonus Marketing Education

    Looking to take your business and marketing education even further? See HLC's separate manual, How to Build & Market Your Private Practice on a Shoestring Budget


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Learn how to professionally market your services with self-confidence in order to create and grow your own successful holistic practice and make a positive impact on the world.

Did You Know?

50% of HLC’s Certification Students
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