Seven Spiritual Truths

Use Like a Compass To Guide You Back To Your... Inner-Self

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Start Your Journey Back
To Your Inner-Self


Master Coach Hu Dalconzo spent decades of research to uncover and develop these seven core truths that are found across many religions and philosophies worldwide. Although these different world perspectives phrase them differently, the essence of these truths are always the same. These seven truths are the core reason why HLC Coaching clients can transform their beliefs.

Master Coach Hu's hope is that you will use these Seven Spiritual Truths, the way you would use a compass, to guide you back to your inner Self anytime you feel lost or disconnected. For many of you... it will be like nothing you have ever read before.


These empowering Spiritual Truths
have a tendency to scare people,
because they collide with their
“fixed” programming,
which for most of us,
is fear-based and self-defeating.

"These empowering lessons are for
the evolution of our immortal souls
and we want to pass them along to all
of you to be the catalyst to make life changes now."

-Master Coach Hu

Learn Empowering Lessons on:

How to transcend your self-limiting beliefs because many of us were raised by caretakers who were ignorant of how the Laws of Life worked.

Accepting that Life is filled with painful lessons that need to be learned, and karma that needs to be burned, which will help you achieve your goals.

Why your ego is extremely subtle and deceptive at stopping you from doing what you need to do to succeed, and how to train IT to be your servant, as opposed to being your master.

How to dis-create your negative beliefs from your subconscious mind, and consciously create new empowering beliefs that will help you create the life that you have always imagined.

How to refer to the Seven Spiritual Truths when you feel psycho-spiritually triggered, so you can use it like a Compass, to navigate out of your negative space, so you can quickly return to a Self-empowered state of mind.


Watch Master Coach Hu explain how HuMethod certification students use the coach's textbook, Seven Spiritual Truths to teach their coaching clients how to use this book like a compass to navigate their way back to feeling safe and secure after a triggering event.

Start Your Journey Back To Your Inner-Self


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