Independent Study Certificate Course

Subset Module of the Coaching Certification Program

This Certificate Course was created for students like you who want to learn transformative Coaching methods taught by the most influential spiritual leaders, gurus, and sages of our time. It is for those seeking a greater purpose, self-alignment, and who want to build a lucrative practice helping others create change in a meaningful and permanent way. It is for those looking to invest in themselves personally and professionally. This is a sub-set module of the Spiritual Life Coaching certification program.

The following track comes from the Seven Spiritual Truths' Epilogue. In it, Master Coach Hu discusses why you need to form new habits and dis-create old habits before your goals will manifest. You can find even more on this subject in Chapter 2 of Self-Mastery, a Journey Home to Your Inner Self.

Included Textbooks

These books are elements of the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coaches Course [CSLC]
clinically proven training system designed for people who seek Self-empowerment.

  • Self-Mastery- Book on Angle Mockup

    A Journey Home To Your Inner Self

    Learn More

  • The HuMan Handbook- Book on Angle Mockup

    The HuMan Handbook

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Use the Self-Mastery Course To Learn:

  • 1
    How to manifest Self-mastery techniques into your own life
  • 2
    How to start to build your own Coaching practice
  • 3
    How to integrate these life-altering Coaching techniques into other holistic healing modalities
  • 4
    How To implement advanced Life Skill Lessons with clients like, Why Affirmations “Alone” Don’t Work and what you need to do to make them work
  • 5
    How To facilitate empowering Conscious Creation and Dis-Creation Exercises to Clean the Slate of the Mind
  • 6
    How to communicate using your intuitive Language of Feelings
  • 7
    How to implement Self-parenting Exercises that will help your clients fulfill their Emotional Dependency Needs that were not met during childhood
  • 8
    How to co-create spiritual relationships that support one another’s growth

Course Details

Course Details

  • Independent Study- This course is taken at home. Course requirements can be completed and submitted up-to one year from date of enrollment.
  • Can be taken as part of the Spiritual Life Coaching certification program or separately.
  • *Tuition Credit toward the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification
  • Requirements Credit- Course submissions can be transferred to the Spiritual Life Coaching certification program

Included Materials

Included Materials

  • Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self textbook & audiobook
  • The HuMan Handbook softcover & audiobook
  • Course syllabus and instructions
  • Self-Mastery Life Coaching Certificate based on Holistic Learning Center’s standard of excellence.
  • *Included Eligibility- AADP Board Member- If you matriculate to the Spiritual Life Coaching program, the requirements from this course will go toward meeting the board requirements to be an AADP member [HLC’s accredited association].

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Self-Mastery a Journey Home To Your Inner Self

HLC's Foundational Coaching Textbook

Self-Mastery- Book on Angle Mockup

Imagine a book that has over 25-years of compiled research based on the works of the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, and philosophers of the last 2,500 years. A book that transcends spiritual and religious boundaries and takes you to a place where we all unite as One in Spirit.

The Self-mastery book utilizes the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes, and philosophies and blends them together into 16 easy-to-understand Self-mastery lessons and Coaching exercises for you to absorb.

This transformational book was also written as a support textbook to make it easy for holistic practitioners to teach these well field-tested Coaching exercises to their clients. This textbook is a foundational element of the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coach’s Course. This clinically proven Coaching training system was designed for people who seek Self-empowerment and develop a successful career helping people.

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The HuMan Handbook

The HuMan Handbook- Book on Angle Mockup

This inspirational “handbook” simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format so that they can be treasured by the novice as well as the seasoned self-help sage.

This empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the changes that are needed to manifest the reality you desire.

This book covers a wide range of lessons from Presence and Beliefs to Self-Acceptance and Approval, to the Law of Detachment, to Boundaries and Forgiveness plus many more. In each chapter, The HuMan Handbook describes in detail the concept of each lesson and then how to apply it to your life now.


$495w/ FREE S&H Self-Mastery Independent Study Certificate Course