e-Books range from a couple of pages to over 30 pages in length.

Are you looking for self help and/or looking to enhance you holistic practice? Would you like to invest between $10-$25 to enhance the quality of your life? It doesn’t matter what you choose, all of HLC’s materials stem from the HuMethod… a clinically proven healing modality.

Every e-Book lesson comes from the careful analysis of the life work of over 50 nationally known Self-help authors, teachers and gurus who have achieved unusual success in their respective fields. E-Books cover a wide variety of subjects based on the metaphysical laws of Self-mastery.

At the end of each e-Book are written exercises developed upon 18+ years of clinical field testing to create permanent behavioral change. These carefully constructed questions are built to draw out answers that help you 1-emotionalize the lesson and 2-help you to start the change you seek.

The administration of these lessons is a key factor in the formula HLC uses to teach our Life Coaching students and clients how to create permanent behavioral change. It has been documented in several case studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) why doing written exercises helps people to quickly improve.

ATTENTION LIFE COACHES- the lessons found in these E-Books can be of great use to enhance your Life Coaching practice to help clients achieve the success they seek.

Self Mastery
Life Skill Lessons


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Self-Mastery a Journey Home to Yourself eBook
Self-Mastery a Journey Home to Yourself eBook

25 years of researching overlapping parables, principles, processes and philosophies from the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus and philosophers of the last 2500 years has created this...

Our price: $59.95
Seven Spiritual Truths eBook
Seven Spiritual Truths eBook

These Seven Spiritual Truths were discovered deep within the core essence Master Coach Hu's 10,000 pages of research based on the teachings of hundreds of Self-actualization leaders, Gurus, and famous self-help authors such as Dyer, Tolle, Williamson, Chopra, Hay, Singer and Ram Dass. These truths were found to be across all faiths and religions world-wide.

Our price: $16.95
The HuMan Handbook E-Book
The HuMan Handbook E-Book

This e-Book is 112 pages.

It doesn't matter where you are in your Self-mastery journey, the transformational aphorisms contained within can be understood and learned by anyone over a wide variety of ages. This book is literally meant to be a hand-book to be carried around with you during your day. The aphorisms and truisms are a daily reminder of what is it to be human and how to live in the world and not of the world. ~ Coach Deborah Giddings

Our price: $16.95

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