Weight Mastery Combination

Weight Mastery Combination

e-Book (28 pages) & MP3 (54 mins)

Conscious eating is an important element of the Weight Mastery course. When you are present with your food, food becomes a divine present. The spiritual exercise of conscious eating allows you to be here now so that you can enjoy what you are eating in the be-here-now.

Conscious eating mirrors what many spiritual teachers have taught me about why it is important to stay consciously present. Your Weight Mastery techniques will help you to stay present and become a conscious eater. The now is the only reality and the Weight Mastery techniques will help you to be a more spiritually conscious and trim being.

Weight mastered people eat with mental freedom and a great deal of enjoyment. They accomplish this by dis-creating their negative food programming, fulfilling their emotional dependency needs and by letting their body, (rather than their minds) take responsibility for when and what they eat.

Learn more about Weight Mastery and how create mental freedom from the feelings accompanied by eating food. Learn to dis-create your negative food programming and implement new habits into your life with this e-Book (28 pages) & MP3 (54 mins) combination. The Weight Mastery e-Book comes with Self Mastery Assignments which are a specific set of well researched clinically proven questions that will help you create the permanent behavioral changes that you seek.

Combination includes: e-Book, Self-Mastery Assignments & MP3

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