Relationship Mastery E-Book

Relationship Mastery E-Book

This e-book is 22 pages.

Spiritual Relationships are the closest thing to heaven that you can experience on earth!

A Spiritual Relationship is formed when two people come together, as equals, for the purpose of spiritual growth. Such a relationship creates a holistic environment, which helps you grow faster than you could on your own. A Spiritual Relationship challenges you to view exactly what you need to understand about your feelings. It is a covenant based on the highest degree of truth and integrity and it acknowledges that both parties are unique manifestations of the same Spirit.

Within a Spiritual Relationship, you can see through any negative human identities (roles) and create a space where you and your partner are ONE spiritually (Namaste). In this spiritual space, you can be emotionally honest. Emotional honesty creates trust and safety, which fosters emotional intimacy. A Spiritual Relationship is more free than the "Old World Models" because both parties agree to leave behind the stereotypical roles that existed merely for protection and survival.

This "New World" relationship creates a safe space where you can willingly surrender your ego defenses and share your inner most secrets, repressed feelings and emotions. You can stand emotionally naked, because you know that within your spiritual relationship you can communicate the truth of who and what you are...a child of God!

Learn more about Spiritual Relationships and how you can create them in your life with this e-Book & MP3 combination. The Relationship Mastery e-Book comes with Self Mastery Assignments which are a specific set of well researched clinically proven questions that will help you create the permanent behavioral changes that you seek.

*The content from this E-book, along with 16 other lessons is also found in the Self-Mastery…a Journey Home to Yourself textbook [click here].

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