Law of Allowing MP3

Law of Allowing MP3

Allowing means that you are willing to detach and allow people who you love to experience what they are creating, as opposed to merely tolerating their less than perfect behavior. Allowing people to learn from the natural consequences of their own behavior without judging them or trying to save or fix them is a highly functional behavior. When you develop an attitude of allowing, all resistance in the form of thoughts of negativity or doubt is replaced with the knowingness that we are all One spiritually.

The attitude of allowing is defenselessness in action and it allows you to choose happiness over righteousness. This wonderful self-program will help you to stay conscious that the LAW of ALLOWING will help you remember that you can only attract unto you what you are a vibratory match for.

Hu Dalconzo, the founder of HLC, wrote and recorded these professionally written Self-programming affirmations, so you can use them to program your subconscious mind. Hu researched the information for these programs from the most successful self-help leaders in the industry today.

    All the Self-programs were written:
  1. In first person
  2. Past tense
  3. With gratitude
  4. Recorded with passionate electro-magnetic energy.

Self-programming requires you to listen to these 3 to 20 minute MP3s over and over again for a minimum of 90 days. These “Spirit First” programs will help you to emotionalize (Emotionalize = Energy in Motion) your thoughts so you will create the permanent behavioral change that you seek. [Hu Note- Several of the Self-programs have music and singing in the background, and a rough translation of what the Sanskrit lyrics mean is, “I bow to the Self that dwells within me and in everyone.”

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