Conscious Creation Process E-Book

Conscious Creation Process E-Book

This e-Book is 12 pages.

The Conscious Creation Process is a series of actions that brings about an expected end result...your desires!

The CONSCIOUS CREATION PROCESS is a series of specific actions that bring about an expected end result...your desires. It is through this series of specific spiritual exercises that you can manifest your desires! The Conscious Creation Process is based on the following hypothesis: Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create habits, habits create beliefs, beliefs attract similar beliefs, similar beliefs form belief systems, belief systems create human identities, and it's your human identities that create your reality.

You create from the unseen to the seen... from the invisible to the visible! What you see in front of you has no power over you because it is simply your old karma running off! Most people think that they are their thoughts! You are not your thoughts. You are the creator of your thoughts, and therefore you are FREE to think any thoughts you want! You can choose to think thoughts of love, healing, and prosperity OR you can think thoughts of fear, lack, and dis-ease! This choice brings with it great personal responsibility, for you shall experience the thoughts that you choose to think!

*The content from this E-book, along with 16 other lessons is also found in the Self-Mastery…a Journey Home to Yourself textbook [click here].

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