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Audio books range from a few minutes to over an hour long.

Are you looking for self help and/or looking to enhance you holistic practice? Would you like to invest between $10-$25 to enhance the quality of your life? It doesn’t matter what you choose, all of HLC’s materials stem from the HuMethod… a clinically proven healing modality.

Choose from our underground success Self-Mastery…a Journey Home To Yourself album, or pick smaller lessons like The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery, or a Self-Programming affirmation like I Accept Myself.

Listening to self-empowering lessons will make learning for you fast and effective. After listening to the lessons over and over you will absorb the most important points. No more boring studying.

Repetition is how the advertising industry gets you to buy their products, so now you can use it on yourself to “buy” into the mastery of your own EGO mind.

Self Programming Affirmations

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