Recovery/ 12-Step Series – Self-Parenting Poem

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 14

How I Am Learning To Master the Process Of Fulfilling My Emotional Dependency Needs …

By Emotionalizing My Self-Parenting Heart Work

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

I’m so excited to be able to continue to share with you how I have bridged the HuMethod™ exercises with my 12-step recovery.  In previous blogs I wrote about specific ways how you can bridge the 12-Steps and the HuMethod™ to deepen the recovery
journey.  In this Blog I will share with you how I am Studying, Practicing, Internalizing and Emotionalizing (S-PIE-ing) these exercises in my everyday life with my step work because that’s how I get to Step 12 and practice these principles in all my affairs.

In this blog I am going to share what I’ve learned about the emotionalizing the Self-Parenting Poem.  To me, this poem is the
foundation of all of the healing work done in the Self-Parenting Mastery lesson.

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The first two paragraphs of this poem shows me that when I learn to fulfill my emotional dependency needs then I will feel safe, sane and secure in the world as I will no longer look to others to tell me who I am.  I will also learn to become emotionally intimate because I will know who I am and the better I know myself the more comfortable I will feel with others.  These first two paragraphs challenge me to look deep within to examine myself, even where I display less than perfect behavior so I can get closer to my Self and others without fear of harm or rejection.  Sound familiar?  This is what step work is all about.

I take responsibility (respond-with-ability) for teaching people how to treat me, and this poem then goes on to tell me all of the different ways that I can learn how to Self-Parent myself.  Learning to Self-Parent myself with unconditional love and acceptance so that I show people that I’m worthy of receiving love.  I learn how to set boundaries so that I’m respected and no longer act like the powerless child that I was.

When I give my Self permission using the Self-Parenting Permission Rules, to live my life by my own moral and ethical standards then I don’t have to continue to try to ‘mold’ myself into what other people want. I use the slogans “Live and Let Live” and “THINK” on me when I’m practicing this piece of self-parenting.

One of the four cornerstones of Self-Parenting is learning how to Self-Nurture myself so when I act out with less than perfect behavior, I don’t affirm that I am my behavior.  I know that I am a child of God.  Today I know how to validate my feelings so that I can feel and release the energy and remember the lesson so I don’t need to repeat it over and over again.

Practicing these Self-Parenting principles in all my affairs helps me when life ‘tests’ me so I no longer respond with immature, child-like, ego-defense mechanisms.  Today I practice how to respond-with-ability to make my life emotionally, sexually, and physically Safe, Sane and Secure (hey, I’m not perfect at this, I said practice and practice is what I do).  By practicing responsibility, I no longer live a life of “quiet desperation” comfortable in my “uncomfortable-ness” and fearful of life’s opportunities.  I am able to fulfill my divine birthright, a life worthy of a child of God.  Thank you for sharing this journey with
me.  I am and always will be grateful to those who have gone before me giving to me so freely what I could not give to myself.

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