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The HuMethod

Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality

It Does Not Matter If You Were Attracted To HLC Because You Want To… Become A Spiritual Life Coach; Hire A Spiritual Life Coach; Add The HuMethod™ Clinically Proven Coaching Exercises To Your Healing Modality; Or Purchase Life CoachingSelf-Help Products Because…

You Will Learn About New Clinical Healing Discoveries That Have The Power To Quickly Improve The Quality Of Your Clients, Family Your Own Lives, And Holistic Practices, And Have A Positive Energetic Effect On Global Transformation.

Hu Dalconzo, Founder of HLC, gives an overview of HLC's programs.

The HuMethod™ Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality Professional Life Coaching Training System

took three decades of research and 15 years of clinical field testing to develop into a Self-empowering healing modality that has been clinically proven to help the Most Amount of Coaching Clients, get the Greatest Amount of Self-help improvements, in the Shortest Period of Time.

Why It Works”
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The HuMethod™ Will Help You Teach Abstract subjects such as “Paradox”

…because its training system simplifies the instructional process into a Step-by-step, Easy-to-Teach, Specific Set of Advanced Life Skill Coaching Exercises, In the Same Way A High School Teacher Teaches History, Using Coaching Textbooks, Audios, Lesson Plans, Exercises and Assignments. Learn About Seven Levels of Student Involvement From Free Services to College Level Training Programs

Unity Radio- Approved Interview about HLC’s Self-mastery Book

The HuMethod™ is a Results Driven, College Level Training System…

that includes clinical measurement forms and subjective measuring techniques to help you measure and quantify the fastest way possible to help your clients achieve their coaching self-help goals

The HuMethod™ Exercises are Sub-Categorized Into These Groups:

(1) Inner Self-Mastery Exercises (2) Meditative Exercises (3) Diagnostic Exercises (4) Dis-creation Exercises (5) Multi-sensory exercises (6) Advanced Life Skill Exercises (7) Self-parenting Exercises (8) Language of Feelings Exercises

Did You Know that…
HLC Approves 95% of our Student Financing Applications

“After Decades Of Hard Work My Colleagues And I Have Laid The Ground Work
For A New College Major Entitled Professional Life Coaching.
I Believe That When Administrators Of Schools From Pre-Kindergarten
Up To The College Level Learn About How Our Results Driven
Life Skill Training Systems Help Students Live Highly Functional Lives,
They Will Add Them To Their Curriculums. I Visualize A Day When
HLC’s Clinically Proven Exercises And Training Techniques Will Become
A Part Of Many College’s Fundamental Requirements, Especially For Students
Who Are Majoring In Life Coaching, Education, Psychology And Or Sociology.”

Hu Dalconzo
President and Founder
Holistic Learning Centers, Inc.

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