Self-Parenting Mastery Independent Study Course

Self-Parenting Mastery Independent Study Course

Self-parenting is… HEART WORK. As a Self-parenting mastery coach, you will focus most of your attention on the intuitive, emotional and feeling elements of your client’s inner Self-mastery studies. The primary objective of the Self-parenting course is to help you and your students fulfill your emotional dependency needs that were not met during childhood.

Emotional dependency needs are the intimacy, nurturing, unconditional love and boundary protection that we all “need” to feel safe, sane, and secure in the world. Consciously fulfilling you and your clients emotional dependency needs will allow you to function in the world as an emotionally mature, highly functional adult.

In this course you will take the concept of Self-nurturing from an abstract, hard to understand theoretical concept and break it down into a step by step, easy to understand, specific set of… emotionally Self-nurturing exercises. You will learn how to master each of the nine pieces of Self-parenting, one at a time, until you learn how to fulfill all of your own emotional dependency needs and your client’s emotional dependency needs.


  • Self-Parenting Mastery textbook
  • Self-Parenting Mastery Instructional CD
  • Spiritual Distinction Meditation/100 Disciplina Benefits CD
  • Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to Yourself textbook
  • 20+ Self-Mastery Assignments
  • Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to Yourself CD album
  • Syllabus
  • Certificate of Completion

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