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Free Samples of amazing spiritual tools to help you on your journey: Read, Listen, and Watch for a better understanding of the Clinically tested HuMethod™.

READ: Five articles written by the creator of the HuMethod™ Hu Dalconzo, explaining some of the foundational concepts that HLC courses are based upon.

LISTEN: To excerpts from the Self-Mastery MP3s. The full-length MP3s are available for purchase for only $15.

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WATCH: An empowering power point presentation about the Seven Spiritual Truths that contain the essence of the sixteen lessons contained in the Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self textbook and two video testimonials about the life changing powers of the HuMethod™exercises.


Article 1:
Are You a Spiritual Sampler?
- Life Coach Hu Dalconzo

Article 2:
Do You Have a Spiritual Relationship with Your Children?
-Life Coach Hu Dalconzo

Article 3:
Can You Speak the Language of Your… Intuitive Heart?
-Life Coach Hu Dalconzo

Article 4:
The Most Important Spiritual Discovery in 75 Years!
- Life Coach Hu Dalconzo

Article 5:
Face it. Affirmations “Alone” Don’t Work!
-Life Coach Hu Dalconzo


What Is Self Mastery

Spiritual Relationships

Parenting Mastery

Why Self Affirmations Alone Don't Work

Money Mastery

Self-Parenting…a self-esteem course

Weight-Mastery…conscious eating is the solution

Unity Radio featuring HLC’s Self-Mastery Book

1999 Relationships Seminar

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