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Transforms Enlightenment into Empowerment

The HuMethod™ of holistic learning is a proprietary clinically proven, result driven Life Coaching and Self-help training system, which after decades of research and field-testing has evolved into an empowering healing modality. HLC’s Life Coaches use the HuMethod™ to professionally facilitate well field-tested exercises with their Life Coaching clients, to help them quickly achieve their self-help objectives.

HuMethodôHuMethod™ technique takes the abstract concept of Self-Mastery, (which is a hard to understand theoretical concept,) and breaks it down piece by piece into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, specific set of emotional, psychological and spiritual self-nurturing exercises.

Since 1977 Hu Dalconzo and HLC’s staff have been clinically testing, retesting, and then retesting again several hundred self-help exercises that were developed by dozens of nationally known self-help leaders, such as: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass (see Recommended Reading).

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Permanent Behavioral Change

The HuMethod™ training system includes interactive and independent courses that use Life Coaching textbooks, two proprietary coach’s training manuals, CD albums, clinical measurement tools, quality control forms, a residency program and subjective measuring techniques.

The HuMethod™ exercises, when performed as prescribed, create permanent behavioral change. The HuMethod™ exercises include:

  • Self-mastery exercises
  • Meditative exercises
  • Diagnostic exercises
  • Dis-creation exercises
  • Multi-sensory, Intuitive exercises
  • Advanced Life Skill exercises
  • Self-parenting exercises
  • Ego-mind Training Exercises

Only Curriculum Of Its Kind

There is no curriculum such as the HuMethod™in the field of self-help and Life Coaching. HLC's Life Coaching certification students experience the life altering power of the HuMethod™ exercises first hand because… they are their own first client.

Developed over three decades of research and clinical field testing, the HuMethod™ empowers students so they can become conscious Life Coaches, teachers and healers of the next millennium. The HuMethod™ is psycho-spiritual penicillin for the spiritually awakened.

Master Coach Hu

Hu Dalconzo

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo is recognized as the #1 Authority in the Spiritual Life Coaching Industry. He has written 14 “How To” professional coaching textbooks based on what he learned while facilitating over 20,000 coaching sessions since 1993. He is the founder of Holistic Learning Centers, Inc., which is the oldest Spiritual Life Coaching Certification school in North America. Hu has researched hundreds of self-help authors, leaders, gurus, and saints. And he is a scholar of some of the works of Tolle, Chopra, Ram Dass, Dyer, Zukav, Singer and DeAngelis in the same way a psychologist might be a scholar of Maslow or Freud’s work.

Dharmic Truths Belong To… No One Soul

The Dharmic Truths of Life have been passed down
from one soul to another for millenniums, and what is contained in the
HuMethod™ books and exercises certainly did not originate with me. 

It is part of a river that flowed through me from my Guru, teachers,
parents, past incarnations, and my current life experiences.

That’s why when ‘I Am’ consciously doing my dharmic work
I can feel the presence of my Guru and spiritual teachers.

Their contributions to my spiritual work and the
development of the HuMethod™ Healing Modality…
are warmly and gratefully acknowledged.

Master Coach Hu’s Biography

Master Coach Hu is the son of Italian immigrants who settled in Manhattan in the 1920’s.   In 1974 Coach Hu was the first in his family to graduate from college (with honors cum laude) with a Degree in Education.  After 10 years of coaching and teaching the emotionally handicapped in New York City inner city schools, Coach Hu realized why Self-esteem was the most important ingredient of his students’ Self-growth. So in 1977, he launched his self-help career by developing L.I.F.E. (Love-Integrity-Freedom-Esteem) Seminars as an avocation. After leaving teaching, Coach Hu spent a number of years as a franchise executive and in 1992 he was part of a team that built the 29th fastest growing franchise in the United States. 

In 1993 these career experiences propelled Master Coach Hu to open www.HolsticLearningCenter.com [HLC], a Spiritual Life Coaching Certification School where students are taught how to facilitate the HuMethod™ which is the first authentic Spiritual Life Coaching healing modality clinically proven to create permanent behavior change.

Over the last two decades Coach Hu has logged in over 25,000 Spiritual Life Coaching session hours helping thousands of people achieve their Dharmic dreams. In 1998 Master Coach Hu wrote the groundbreaking Coaching book titled Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to Your Inner Self, which is used by HLC’s HuMethod™ Certified Life Coaches as a textbook to empower their clients to create transformational behavioral changes.

Coach Hu is a down to earth, globally-conscious visionary who, in 1993, launched the environmentally conscious SAVE the…Humans” campaign, which after twenty years has evolved into a global transformational campaign titled Inner-Net of One Abundance Exchange.

Master Coach Hu resides in New Jersey, in a home on a beautiful lake, with his soul mate of forty years Debra. Their marriage was blessed with three “mastery” children whom they raised on the HuMethod™ transformational coaching techniques.  

Books, CDs, MP3 Albums and Life Coaching Training Manuals by 
Master Coach Hu:
-Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your... Inner Self CD, MP3 AlbumThe HuMan Handbook, CD, MP3 Album and e-Book
-Spiritual Life Coach's Course & Training Manual
-Spiritual Life Coach’s CD, MP3 Album
-Life Coaches Certification Course & Training Manual
-Self-parenting Coaches Course & Training Manual
-Weight Mastery Course & Training Manual
-Money Mastery Course &Training Manual
-Relationships Mastery Course & Training Manual
-Parenting Mastery Course & Training Manual
-How to Build A Successful Holistic Practice Training Manual
-How To Build an…Abundant Holistic Practice! Audiocassette Album
*For additional information about Coach Hu’s accomplishments Google- Hu Dalconzo*

Abstract Spiritually-Based Principles…
Made Easy to Understand & Facilitate

The HuMethod’s foundational textbook Self Mastery - A Journey Home To Yourself is a compilation and careful analysis of hundreds of the most insightful self help authors, spiritual leaders and gurus the world has ever known. This empowering book captures the essence of these spiritual leaders’ abstract concepts and presents them in small manageable pieces, to make them easier for you and your clients to master.

HuMethod™ Facts:

  • It took 15 years to develop the HuMethod™ exercises that create permanent behavioral change.
  • It took an additional 5 years to develop a training system to professionally teach HLC’s Life Coaches how to facilitate the HuMethod™ Exercises.
  • The HLC staff field-tested and clinically measured the best of the best of every self-help exercise we could find, and based on the results, we kept the exercises that helped the most people improve the fastest.
  • The HuMethod™ includes hundreds of written Self-Mastery Exercises. The effective therapeutic use of these types of written exercises has been documented in several case studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA).
  • Proven Results: The typical HLC Life Coaching client improves by 35% after only 15 hours of HuMethod’s Life Coaching classes.
  • The HuMethod™ proprietary clinical measuring techniques allow you to customize your Life Coaching curriculum to help your clients to achieve their self-help objectives as fast as professionally possible. This will help you build a successful referral-based Life Coaching practice.

The HuMethod™ Training System

The HuMethod™ mastery exercises are not… Magical, Mystical, or Mysterious. They are sound, well field-tested educational exercises that create permanent behavioral change for anyone who uses them as prescribed.

For example: The subjective diagnostic exercises are used to quickly determine our client’s most important self-help objectives. Then once determined, HLC’s certified Life Coaches use this information to customize their curriculum to help their clients quickly achieve their self-help objectives.

Examples of Two Professional Life Coach Training Techniques:

  1. See One, Do One, Teach One coaching technique was modeled after Cornell University’s medical school training model. This training method is the fastest way for you to master professional Life Coaching techniques because within one week you will “See one” (Watch an experienced Life Coach facilitate an exercise), and then “Do One” (Experience the coaching exercise on yourself), and then “Teach it” (Teach it to someone else).
  2. Maieutic Techniques [my*you’*tic] allows you and your Life Coaching clients to experience inner truth through a process of self-discovery. This is accomplished by asking maieutic questions rather than by giving information, lecturing or analyzing.

Clinically Tested HuMethod™ Exercises

One of the reasons the HuMethod™ works is because it incorporates tools that enable students to stay conscious. This helps them to see, feel and heal their issues by studying, practicing, and emotionalizing experiential exercises in a regimented and supervised manner. This is what ultimately creates… permanent behavioral change.

HLC has documented that the HuMethod™ helps decrease the duration, intensity and frequency of students’ emotional triggers by 35% (on average) after only 15 hours of classes.

Below are the three criteria that HLC Life Coaches use to measure our coaching clients and students improvements after each of the 15 Life Coaching classes:

  1. Duration- Duration (how long does your upset lasts) has proven to be the most reliable way to subjectively measure a student's psycho-spiritual (emotional weight loss) improvement.
  2. Intensity- Intensity (level of power) is very reliable for the first and second measurements [15-30 classes], but loses its clinical accuracy with each succeeding measurement thereafter.
  3. Frequency- Frequency (how often it happens) is the least reliable subjective measurement and it is the hardest to subjectively measure accurately, but it is used to support the accuracy of the duration and intensity measurements.

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