Master Coach Hu's Series

Spiritual Life Coach's Training Series #1

Introduction to Master Coach Hu’s Spiritual Life Coach’s Training Series

Video Transcription Expand Namaste… my name is Master Coach Hu, and my Spiritual Journey of Awakening began in 1977 when I was 25-years old. That was when I began "deep diving" into my wounded Inner child's ...
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1 of 6- The First [of Two] Lessons to Cover With Clients

The purpose for teaching your clients how to do Self-parenting exercises is to fulfill their Emotional Dependency Needs that were not met when they were a child. Part of our goal as Coaches is to give ...
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2 of 6- If You Learn Nothing Else, LEARN THIS

As Coaches, the next part of Self-parenting we want to teach our clients is the importance of the Four Ps of a Self-parented adult: POWER, PROTECTION, PERMISSION, and PRACTICE. This ignites our client's adult powers, and ...
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3 of 6- How to Fulfill Your Personal Needs

I am often asked the question, "What's the difference between Inner-Child work and Self-parenting work?" The key is to integrate the two in order to teach our clients how to fulfill their emotional dependency needs that ...
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