3 of 6- How to Fulfill Your Personal Needs

I am often asked the question, “What’s the difference between Inner-Child work and Self-parenting work?” The key is to integrate the two in order to teach our clients how to fulfill their emotional dependency needs that were not met as children. 

Series 1, #3 of 6

Self-Parenting Poem

NAMASTÈ… my name is Master Coach Hu and as I mentioned in my Intro Video the first Series of Videos will focus on Self-parenting Mastery and Boundary Mastery, and this will be the last Self-parenting video.

My hope is that you invest the time to Study, Practice Internalize, and most importantly, Emotionalize these professional Spiritual Life Coaching Lessons, so you can help your clients create the Self-mastery life skills needed to FEEL Safe, Sane, and Secure in the world.

PLEASE NOTE- these lessons are SUMMARY NUTSHELLS otherwise they would have to be many hours long. So, if you want additional information feel free to call the office at 888-HLC-0878.

OK---LOL—on with the show… but before I begin I am often asked the question,What’s the difference between Inner-Child work and Self-parenting work?”
Inner-child work is to Self-parenting what arithmetic is to algebra. Self-parenting takes inner-child work and integrates it with clinically proven coaching exercises that break down Self-nurturing into a step-by-step, specific set of emotionally intimate Self-nurturing exercises that will fulfill your emotional dependency needs that were not met when you were a child.

Self-parenting Poem EXERCISE and SMA

As a Self-mastered adult…

If I don’t learn how to fulfill my emotional dependency needs, then I’ll never feel safe, sane, and secure in the world; for I'll always have to look to others to tell me who I am.

If I don’t expect emotional intimacy, I am saying that…“I’m Ok with your being emotionally distant from me,” and I’ll distance myself for fear of rejection.

If I don’t demonstrate unconditional love for my Self, I am showing people that

“I’m not worthy of receiving love, nor your benefit of the doubt.”

 If I don’t demand respect, I’ll give people permission to treat me disrespectfully;

for I teach people how to treat me by the way I treat myself.

If I don’t use my adult powers, I’ll fall prey to my own “child-like” ego defenses;

and the walls I build will keep out the love I seek.

If I don’t maturely defend my boundaries with my adult powers, then people will

“trespass” me just as they did when I was a powerless child!

If I don’t give my Self permission to be myself, then people will “mold me” into

who they want me to be, taking me further away from the light of my real Self

and closer to the darkness of my “persona” (mask).

If I don’t learn to validate and release my feelings, then my feelings will create dis-ease within me; for a dis-ease is a perfect creation: a negative feeling made manifest.

If I beat my Self up when I “act out” with “less-than-perfect” behavior,

then I am affirming that, “I AM my behavior” and not a child of God.

If I’m not willing to practice my Self-parenting skills until they become a part of my consciousness, then when life “tests” me I’ll attempt to protect my Self using immature, childlike, ego-based methods.

If I don’t “respond with ability” to make my life emotionally, sexually, and physically Safe, Sane, and Secure, then I’ll live a life of “quiet desperation,” comfortable in my “uncomfortable-ness” and fearful of life’s opportunities,

unable to fulfill my divine birthright, a life worthy of a child of God.

In the next Video I will share 3 video about Boundary Mastery.

AGAIN REMEMBER- that each lesson is a SUMMARY NUTSHELL otherwise they would have to be many hours long. So, if you want additional information call the office at 888-HLC-0878.