Introduction to Master Coach Hu’s Spiritual Life Coach’s Training Series


Join Master Coach Hu on his Legacy Project where he teaches the most important topics he covers with his private practice coaching clients based on what he learned facilitating over 20,000 Certified Spiritual Life Coaching sessions since 1993.

In today's post, Coach Hu lays the foundation for not only his story and the story of how HLC came to be, but introduces the foundational lessons he uses with his Coaching clients.

He teaches why you first need to cover Self-parenting and Boundary Mastery since it lays the foundation for your private practice client's first few Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.

"This progressive order is important because Self-parenting and Boundary Mastery are the core elements needed for your clients to create permanent behaviors changes, allowing them to live a highly functional and empowered life." - Master Coach Hu

Master Coach Hu created this series of 6 videos for HLC Coaches to use as “nutshells’ [4-7 minutes] to tee up the importance of each HuMethod™ life-altering topic to their clients. This series will excite your coaching clients about the benefits they will receive for doing this transformational work which will help them achieve their most important self-help goals.

You can use this series to:

  • enhance your Certified Spiritual Life Coaching facilitation skills
  • warm-up your potential clients about the benefits they will receive for being your client
  • as an SMA support coaching aid
  • and to mirror Master Coach Hu’s clinically proven coaching session progressive order.