1 of 6- The First [of Two] Lessons to Cover With Clients

The purpose for teaching your clients how to do Self-parenting exercises is to fulfill their Emotional Dependency Needs that were not met when they were a child. Part of our goal as Coaches is to give our clients the tools to live in the world as a highly functional adult. To do this, the first thing we need to teach our clients is how to Self-nurture themselves with these specific, clinically-tested Self-Parenting Coaching exercises. 

Series 1, #1 of 6

Self-Parenting... in a Nutshell

NAMASTÈ… my name is Master Coach Hu and as I mentioned in my Intro Video the first Series of Videos will focus on Self-parenting Mastery and Boundary Mastery coaching exercises.

My hope is that you invest the time to Study, Practice Internalize, and most importantly, Emotionalize these professional Spiritual Life Coaching Lessons, so you can help your clients create the Self-mastery life skills needed to FEEL Safe, Sane, and Secure in the world.

PLEASE NOTE- that every Video are SUMMARY NUTSHELLS otherwise they would have to be many hours long. So, if you want additional information feel free to call the office at 888-HLC-0878 or visit my school’s website--- www.HolisticLearningCenter.com

OK---LOL—on with the show…

Self-Parenting Mastery- in a Nutshell

The purpose for teaching your clients how to do Self-parenting exercises is to Fulfill their Emotional Dependency Needs that were not met when they were a child, so we could have called it… Inner Heart Work.

An FYI- Hu Note: I am reading these excerpts from my Self-mastery coach’s textbook, but when I am conducting a real coaching session, I always have my clients read aloud and in first person. That is because it is core element of HLC’s Maieutic Coaching Method. The Maieutic Method is based on the fact that humans learn the most by “DOING” not by being lecture to. I will teach you more about the Maieutic Coaching Method on future Videos.

The Self-parenting exercises take the concept of Self-nurturing from an abstract, hard-to-understand theoretical concept and breaks it down piece by piece into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, specific set of emotionally Self-nurturing exercises.

There are Three things striking about Self-Parenting exercises:

  1. the speed with which your clients will feel better
  2. the depth of their emotional healing, and
  3. how fast they will reawaken their innate Self-mastery powers to see, feel and heal, so that they can take responsibility to Self-parent themselves.

One of the most important Self-parenting exercises is EMOTIONAL VALIDATION.

Emotional Validation means “to give value” to your clients’ feelings with well-grounded evidence that their feelings are not right, wrong, good, or bad; they are just what they are feeling about what they experienced.

Validation is the opposite of ego resistance. When your client validates their feelings, their EGO is out of a job. That is because when they validate what happened to them, their ego has nothing left to deny, repress, or minimize about what happened to them.

Please note… Validating DOES NOT MEAN that you are condoning or excusing your client’s less-than-perfect behavior. It means that you are teaching them to unconditionally accept what happened or did not happen to them without any egoic guilt or judgment.

In the next post, I will share the importance of the four Ps of a Self-parented adult, which are POWER, PROTECTION, PERMISSION and PRACTICE.