The HuMan Handbook

The HuMan Handbook

10,000 Pages of Research Condensed Into This Empowering
Little Book and Audio Program of Truisms and Life Lessons

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This inspirational handbook; simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format, so that they can be treasured by the novice as well as the seasoned self-help sage.

The HuMan Handbook contains the essence of the core principles as taught in Hu’s extensive Life Coaching textbook titled Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self!




“It doesn't matter where you are on your Self-mastery journey because The HuMan Handbook’s transformational truisms are easily understood by everyone. This book was written to literally be a “hand-book” because it is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can use it when you need to ground your Selfinto the Be-Here-Now.”
Deborah Giddings, CSLC

Coach Hu’s talent as an author lies in the fact that he delivers these abstract concepts to you in step-by-step easy to understand language. After decades of studying mastery principles Coach Hu has captured the core essence of famous self-help authors’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you to understand and implement.

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Table of Contents


  1. What is Spiritual Transformation?
  2. Presence & Beliefs
  3. Self-acceptance & Approval
  4. Relationships
  5. Self-parenting, Boundaries & Forgiveness
  6. Parenting
  7. Laws of Manifestation & Creation
  8. Ego, Paradox and more
  9. Law of Detachment
  10. Spiritual Distinction
  11. Transformation


This 112 page empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the permanent behavioral changes that are needed so that you can manifest the reality you desire!

In the last chapter Hu writes, “Trans-form-ation means “to go beyond form” to a level of conscious understanding that the real you exists beyond the physical form of your human body.

“Our lives are transformed not through becoming divine, but through the realization that ALL of our experiences have served the purpose of awakening us to our divine nature”

“There have been no unnecessary experiences on your path to transformation. You cannot deny any element of your personal history, for each experience has played a vital role in your awakening of your… TRUE SELF.”

What People are Saying About… The HuMan Handbook:

“It transcends all religious backgrounds to a place where we are all One.”

"Thank you so much for the MP3 of Human Handbook in 1st party. Soooooo good! I love it. This is such a wonderful tool! You are much apreciated!"

“It is a wonderful book to help launch a friend or family member on their path to empowerment.”

“It appeals to the homemaker in Omaha, as well as the advanced yoga instructor.”

“It’s a pocketbook of empowerment because the book is small enough to fit in your back pocket.”

“It will supply you with a quick, transformational affirmation any time you need one.”

“It can be given as a self-help gift because everyone will benefit greatly from the easy to understand truisms contained within these empowering 112 pages.”


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