Recovery/12-Step Series – Step 12

How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™ Article 13

Having Had a Spiritual Awakening as a Result of These 12 Steps
We Tried to Carry this Message to Others and to Practice
These Principles in All Our Affairs by …

Studying, Practicing,
Internalizing and Emotionalizing
To Be My Message

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings

Namasté soul friends,

I’ve learned that every time I’m given the opportunity to display a new behavior, and I actually choose to respond differently than I ever have before, I’m having a Spiritual awakening.  My Spirit is waking up.  This means that I’m starting to become more conscious of when my Ego-mind is trying to drag me into my old story lines and when my Spirit is guiding me so I can make a different choice.

The words “as a result of these steps” come right after “having had a spiritual awakening”.  This is the HOPE (Heart Open Please Enter) being fulfilled from Step 2 that I am being restored to sanity.

To become Self-Mastered, Holistic  Learning Center has a Self-Mastery Training Mantra which is the foundation for all of the HuMethod™ exercises.  This Training Mantra is “Commit, Study, Practice, Internalize and Emotionalize” (acronym S-PIE).

Before I can begin to “carry the message” (which for me means to “be the message”) then I have to Commit to undertaking my own Self journey.  At the end of each meeting we say “Keep Coming It Works”.  Every time I go to a meeting I re-commit myself to my journey – Deborah 101 or Deborah-ology.  By committing my Self, I am learning how to manifest an abundant life; how to unconditionally love and accept myself; and how to fulfill all of my emotional dependency needs that were never fulfilled by
my caretakers.

Every time I Study my steps, I gain a deeper understanding of how to apply them to my life. I do this because I never learned how the Laws of Life work.  My ‘history’ taught me how to survive.  These survival skills are great tools if I want to continually experience feeling unsafe. Today I know that I live in a friendly Universe and that everything that I experience is for the volution of my soul, not because someone or something wants to hurt me.  So I continue to study so I can gain this knowledge.

I joyfully embrace Practice today (Thank You God).  In the beginning it was hard W-O-R-K and my ego-mind kept trying to distract me so I wouldn’t continue.  It seemed like every time I heard about a different way of responding, when I was faced with the situation, my ego-mind would jump in and I’d react the same way I had always reacted.  My ego-mind kept telling me that I would never learn new behavior – but my Spirit is stronger than my ego and thanks to all of the willing souls who ‘keep coming’ I’ve been guided and now have learned how to practice.  Today I know that working a recovery program is all about practice (“practice these principles in all my affairs”).  I’ll never graduate, any more than I’ll never not have been affected by alcoholism.  I just keep practicing, and yes, I’ll throw gutter balls but they are all part of the practice.  One of the analogies that helped me
understand how to keep putting one foot in front of the other and take these baby steps was about swimming.  I don’t learn to swim by just talking about it, or reading books on swimming.  I have to take action and get in the water and start to practice.  Studying alone, only creates intellectual Faith and Faith without action is useless!

I am so grateful to those who have gone before me. I was taught early on in my recovery to start speaking using “I” messages.  Things like I feel, I need, I want instead of “you”.  This helped me to start to become conscious of my thoughts and how they played out into my actions.  In HLC, when I Internalize I am doing just that.  I speak, write, feel and think in first party.  This practice helps me to internalize all of the meta-knowledge that I have collected over the years.

The result of me committing to my Self journey, studying, practicing and internalizing the knowledge is that I become the message.  I’ve Emotionalized what I have learned into being who I am.  I’ve learned that intellectual knowledge is easier to acquire than emotional knowledge because conceptual thought doesn’t require me to change my behavior.  Emotionalizing is the key to permanent behavioral change.  It’s easy to read the meditations in the daily readers, it’s easy to read other books on recovery, but if I don’t commit to studying, practicing and internalizing this information (being the change I wish to see), then all I’ve gained is more intellectual knowledge.

Thank you for walking these 12 steps with me while I’ve shared how I have bridged together HLC’s HuMethod™ exercises to deepen and enhance this wonderful Spiritual path.  Join me in two weeks as I continue to share how you, too, can apply HLC’s HuMethod™ exercises in your daily Recovery life.

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Keep coming – it works if you work it!

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