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The Hu Method


Linda Barbee“Straight from the heart!


I have spent my life in search of enlightenment from MANY different venues. Finding myself frustrated, having so much knowledge and not knowing what to do with it, lead me on the search for completely new career.

I love the idea of helping others attain their goals, so I decided to research Life Coaching. I was completely unsure if it was something I was even capable of attaining. I cannot begin to tell you how much this education not only taught me how to be a Professional Life Coach, but has changed my life! I now experience self-esteem at a level that I had not thought possible for me. I know who I am and love the person I am; it is because of this my relationships have improved. Even more exciting, through my classes I'm learning hands-on how to facilitate Life-Coaching sessions with others. I can not only make a living Life Coaching, but as I do I grow and gain so much from making a difference in the lives of others, 'teaching one soul at a time starting with mine'.

Thank you God! Thank you Holistic Learning Center and its founder! I am so grateful. It's never too late to do what you love!"

-Linda Barbee

Larraine G. Reiki Master/Marketing Professional writes -
“I want to thank you so much for creating the Marketing Course. It provides such an important service for independent holistic practitioners. As a businessperson who has owned her own advertisement business for over 10-years, I wondered if I was going to learn any new marketing methods, and to my surprise I learned a lot! But what was a complete surprise were how many negative beliefs I still had around money, success, and selfesteem. Thank God I now know how to dis-create them or else I would still be sabotaging all my hard work! I appreciate the sharing of your knowledge, heart and soul with me.”

Candice“When I started my personalized Self-mastery tele-classes I was unable to feel. I “thought” I was feeling, but that was just my EGO mind protecting me from what I had yet to discover about my childhood. I have since learned that “thinking” is my way of keeping my SPIRIT locked up and it allows my EGO mind to run my life. As a child, I never felt that I was good enough, or important enough, or lovable enough.

I spent all my time trying to prove my worthiness and seeking others approval. Through the Self-parenting exercises, I am learning how to provide my inner child with all that was not given to her when she so desperately needed it. I now know that I am unconditionally loved by my counselor and soul friend Hu Dalconzo and all the other people who are connected to HLC. It is a feeling that I know I never experienced as a child.”

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Robert N. Astrologer writes -
“As a professional astrologer who has written astrology columns for newspapers, I’ve found that your self-mastery processes spiritually invaluable! They have also helped me to better understand my clients emotional concerns. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to keep growing spiritually!

Jeff“I started my personalized Self-parenting classes in June of 2004 and I have never looked back, and for the first time in 15 years, I will soon be free of any restrictions to my physical activity.

Occasionally, my mind goes back to what the first doctor told me…. Death, amputation or life in a wheelchair, but I thank God that I didn’t listen. I refused to accept what the doctors told me. But, I must share with you that it wasn’t until I dug deep and practiced the Self-parenting exercises and healed my emotional body…… that any of this was possible. Thank you God!”

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Diane L. CHSC writes -
“As a professional career woman, I wanted you to know that your Spiritual Counseling Course and your Marketing Course are two of the most comprehensive educational programs on the market today. It was more than I expected and worth 10 times the cost of tuition. Your training manuals are the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for changing my life!”

Michelle“HLC gave me something that I had not received before. It gave me true empowerment. It taught me experientially how to digest the knowledge I already had and turn it into action in my life. It gave me the ability to see, become even more aware and to feel… really feel with my body and my being, the truth of my life… not to hide what really happened, nor to fix it or fade it.”

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Tom S., a Chiropractor writes -
“Your Self-Mastery Processes are essential for anyone looking to process OUT negative repetitive patterns in their life, so they can live and experience the full potential of who they TRULY are!”

Dr. Cheryl“I have been a seminar leader for several forums and workshops designed for personal development and transformation including Landmark Education Corporation and the Institute of Trans-Personal Development. That’s why I value and appreciate HLC’s See One- Do- One- Teach One facilitator’s training philosophy because it mirrors the way I was taught when I was doing my internship as a new physician.”

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Ellen C. M.S., C.C.M.H.C. writes -
“As a certified clinical mental health counselor, who has had a private practice for 20 years, I’ve found that your self-mastery methods are shorter in term and far more effective then any emotional process I’ve used to date!”

Debbie“I spent a great deal of the first 50-years of my life asking myself the question, “Why does this keep happening to me?” I have spent much of my time “reading” spiritual-based “new-age” books, but I never mastered any real changes in my life. I couldn’t figure out how to get the results that all these well-known authors like Wayne Dyer were talking about.

Hu’s description of the “Dis-creation Process” struck a spiritual chord within me and it sounded like the missing piece to creating the life I really desired. I immediately ordered the new student offer and as they say…the rest is history. My mastery course led me through many long-buried emotions that were actually preventing me from co-creating the success that I always wanted. Today, I use this mastery knowledge in my real estate work and I am working toward a Life Coaching Certification so that I can work at my passion.”

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Mary B. an Addiction Counselor writes -
“I’ve been a counselor for 14 years and no method that I’m aware of can get to the heart of the emotional matter as quickly & effectively as your self-mastery processes do!”

Jane“I was astounded at how quickly these mastery techniques were able to help me access my unconscious beliefs. Within ten minutes of only a sample session my spiritual life coach had guided me into targeting a major negative concept that still held incredible emotional power over me; I wanted to run away…and that’s exactly why I stayed. As St. Thomas said… “If you bring forth what is within you, it will heal you. And if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.”

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JoAnn N. Astrologer writes -
“As a student of your Self-Mastery Processes, I have been able to enhance my work as an astrologer. I’ve learned how to be more emotionally in tune with my client’s deeper issues. Your courses have also strengthened my understanding of how the universe works!”

Linda“When I was young both of my parents died within a few years of one another and I got “stuck” in certain areas of my life. I didn’t feel worthy of much, but after working with Hu and especially the Validation Process, I finally feel “whole.” again. After experiencing the validation process, many things that I was stuck in started to unravel… like layers of an onion.

Like how I had to hide behind my childhood excuses to feel safe. As a Spiritual Counselor I get to apply these proven exercises with my patients at an alcohol and drug recovery center where I currently work, and also when I hold workshops, retreats, and do my one-on-one coaching.”

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Sunny J. a Business Women writes -
“Your Self-Mastery Processes have changed my life! I now look forward to each new day with joy in my heart. It’s the best “Gift” I’ve ever given myself… a clean, tranquil emotionally sound mind!”

Bob“My name is Bob and I am a retired manager with IBM and an astrologer. What I gained from my Self-Mastery sessions is that it has given me the empowerment to continue my spiritual pursuits.”

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Abby, a CHSC writes -
“As a college graduate with a psychology degree, I had to decide between getting my masters degree or enrolling in your spiritual counseling course. I knew that getting my masters degree would cost me $35,000, plus four years of night classes. I’m so glad I chose to become a Spiritual Counselor! Your educational curriculum was very professional and it exceeded my expectations and I’m now doing the work I love, in a third of the time!”

“I started out my Self-mastery sessions in 1997 with tons of issues. I really needed help, but once I started my tele-sessions my life changed drastically. I am a full time Spiritual Counselor now doing work I love and it is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Not only am I helping others, but by doing so, I continue to grow spiritually too. Life is wonderful!”

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JoAnne P. Hospice Nurse writes -
“The Self-Mastery Processes have given me the self-confidence and self-esteem to do what I’d needed to do, to implement the changes I needed to implement. to make my life work! I’ve now gone on to become an holistic spiritual counselor and I help others the way I was emotionally helped!”

“Building deception upon deception would simply return me to my old ways, and therefore, would be meaningless. So I put my best effort during my tele-classes and with my Self-Mastery Assignments and when Hu took my clinical measurements after such a short period of time, my Self-improvement was significant, over 35%.”

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Mary D. Human Resource V.P. writes -
“For 20 years I’ve worked on ridding myself of emotional blockages in my life. Your Self-mastery Processes has worked like a laser beam to identify the true reasons for my emotional pain. I have eliminated old negative belief patterns. I feel self empowered and I know that I can create the reality I always desired!”

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